18 Actors Who Died During the Production of Live-Action American TV Shows

It’s more than a day later, and it still doesn’t quite feel real that Cory Monteith is dead.  Such things are certainly tragedies.  However, there is also a practical implication as well: what becomes of […]

UPDATED: Cory Monteith, Who Played Finn Hudson on Glee, is Dead: R.I.P. 1982-2013

UPDATE 7/16: The autopsy has revealed that Monteith died from a “mixed drug toxicity that involved heroin, primarily, and also alcohol.” What?  This can’t be true – Cory Monteith can’t really be dead, right?  Surely, this […]

The Best Family Sitcom on TV Right Now is Only on Hulu (Kind of): Moone Boy

*There Are Light Spoilers for the First Season of Moone Boy in the Below Article* A father confronts the father of two boys who have bullied his son at school. A little boy does something […]

Review: Despicable Me 2-I Came for the Despicable, I Got Way Too Much Minion Slapstick Instead

THE PLOT Ah, domesticity.  Gru (Steve Carrell) used to be a evil villain, but now he’s starting a business selling homemade jam while raising three adopted daughters as a single father.  He misses his old […]

Trailer Watch: Tom Hanks Charms as Walt Disney in New Making of Marry Poppins Film Saving Mr. Banks

You know what’s a good movie?  Marry Poppins.  I know, I know.  That’s a bold statement on my part, acknowledging that a universally beloved classic like 1964’s Marry Poppins is indeed a good movie. You what almost […]

Summer Glau Cast as Arrow’s Next Big Bad. Cue Nerdgasm in 3,2,1

There is yet another woman in Oliver Queen’s life, or at least in the life of the CW’s version of Oliver Queen on Arrow.  By the end of the first season of the show, Oliver […]

Pacific Rim – Critics Agree It is Big & Dumb Though They Differ on the Fun Part

It may officially be called Pacific Rim, but the latest from director Guillermo del Toro – due to be released in the US, UK and most everywhere else this Friday (7/12) – might as well […]

Doctor Who News Round-Up: Rory Kinnear Denies 12th Doctor Rumors, No Female Directors & Comic-Con Details

Update: 8/2/2013 – The next Doctor is to be announced in a live, half-hour special to be simulcast this Sunday (8/4) in the UK and US. Hey, it’s July.  Isn’t this the month the BBC […]

Trailer Watch: Done with the Camp, Back with Horror. Chucky Returns in Child’s Play: Curse of Chucky

If you wait around long enough eventually our horror movie icons get humbled by diminished financial returns, so humbled some of them can no longer anchor theatrical releases.  Norman Bates was reduced to a TV […]

Arrow E.P.: Season 2 to be Oliver’s Transition from “The Hood” to Green Arrow

This is kind of old news at this point, but last Tuesday ComicBookResources put up a video interview with Arrow executive producer/writer Marc Guggenheim in which he reflected on season 1 of the show and looked […]