Box Office Decoded: Insidious: Chapter 2 Accounts for Nearly Half of All Business in Top 10, Almost Sets Several Records

To see older or more recent box office top 10 breakdowns please go here. So, here’s what happened this weekend at the domestic box office: Insidious: Chapter 2 was the latest R-rated horror film to open […]

The CW & DC Thinks Grant Gustin Can Carry His Own Show as Barry Allen/The Flash-We’re Not So Sure

As originally reported by The Hollywood Reporter, the CW has cast Grant Gustin (with that aliteration, he sounds like a perfect Stan Lee character) to play Barry Allen in the upcoming season of Arrow.  He will […]

Deal With It: We’re Getting a New Star Wars Film Every Year from 2015-2019

A long, long time ago, in a far away time known as my childhood, I was a moderately big Star Wars fan.  How big?  I had some hand-me down Star Wars toys (e.g., a totally […]

13 Things You May Not Know About the First Friday the 13th Film

The cast was comprised of attractive unknown teenagers, the audience made to see many of the events directly from the killer’s point of view, and the musical score assigned a signature theme (“ki-ki-ki, ma-ma-ma”) for the […]

It Pays to Live in the UK – BBC TV & Radio Have a Ton of Upcoming Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Specials

To some degree, Doctor Who is the Green Bay Packers of science fiction.  The Packers are an American National League Football team based in the state of Wisconsin, and operate as the only community-owned major […]

Warner Bros. & J.K. Rowling To Chase and Find Fantastic Beasts in New Film Series Set in the Harry Potter Universe

We’re getting more Harry Potter films!  Well, kind of.  Actually, not really.  Okay.  So, here’s what happened… For some time now, Hollywood has been searching for the “next Harry Potter” just as it has also […]

Viva The Year of Penny: ABC Orders a Sitcom Pilot From Casey Wilson, June Diane Raphael & Happy Endings’ Co-Showrunner

You remember how when ABC canceled Happy Endings they put on a public face of remorse and regret, claiming to have loved the show and deeply saddened it never found a big enough audience to […]

Trailer Watch: Casey Wilson & June Diane Raphael Aim to Give Us a New Romy & Michelle in Ass Backwards

For fans of actress June Diane Raphael‘s podcast How Did This Get Made, here is something that is NOT so upsetting although some next-level crazy funny sh*t probably goes down: June and fellow actress Casey […]

Lots of Action Sequels, Superhero Films & Animation – Summer 2015 is Starting to Look a Lot Like Summer 2013

UPDATED: There have been a lot of changes to the summer 2015 release schedule since this article.  You can go here to view an updated breakdown and analysis in a newer article published elsewhere on this […]

Better Know a Filmmaker: In a World… Director/Writer/Actress Lake Bell

At the suggestion of one our readers, we are going to start periodically highlighting up and coming directors, writers, and/or actors we like and think you should too.  Because we are huge Colbert Report fans who […]