Upcoming Feature Film Adaptations of Broadway Musicals

UPDATED: 7/4/2014-This post has been updated to incorporate the conflicting reports about Disney sanitizing its version of Into the Woods. Les Miserables inexplicably perfected the formula for monetizing tears into gold on its way toward becoming one of […]

Les Misérables’ Beaucoup Box Office Dollars: It’s Better Than You Might Think

UPDATED: 3/5/2013-Box office figures have been updated and a more thorough explanation of the historical context has been added. Due to hit home video remarkably early (3/22), Les Miserables’ days in our houses of cinema in the United […]

We Debate: The Surprising Bleakness of Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Every now and again, pop-culture moments should be examined, discussed, and debated.  For this important purpose, We Minored in Film presents this semi-regular (aka whenever we find the time to pull ourselves away from crazy […]

Doctor Who and the Fine Art of Regeneration

It goes without saying that I love the BBC cultural institution that is Doctor Who. I went to London to see then-lead actor David Tennant acting with Patrick Stewart in the Royal Shakespeare Company’s production of Hamlet. […]

Final Destination: Oh, You Were Expecting Something Competent?

Ah, the Final Destination series. Why have a masked killer stalking teenagers when fate can do that just as well (and no actor has to be hired)? For anyone who doesn’t know the franchise (and […]

I LOVE That Scene: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

What is I LOVE That Scene?  It is a regular feature on our website in which we detail one single film scene we adore.  Typically, the scenes we discuss are those that force us to […]

You’ve Got Sleepless Mail in Seattle?, Disneyland Proposals, and Other Valentine’s Day Stories You May Have Missed

This week I focus on the many Valentines Day stories currently poluting the pop culture sites. If I Only Have Time to Read One Story, What Should It Be? Are You A Bad Person If […]

In Defense of Star Trek: Voyager – Or At Least, Hey, It’s Not That Bad

Is Star Trek: Voyager terrible?  Absolutely not. Is Star Trek: Voyager fantastic?  Whoa there, buddy.  Let’s not get crazy here. This is often the position taken by Star Trek fans when it comes to the […]

Where Everybody Knows Your Name: A Celebration of Cheers

“Cheers Oral History” from GQ Around 7 years ago, I picked up my first non-academic oral history of ______ book.  It was Legs McNeil’s The Other Hollywood: The Uncensored Oral History of the Porn Film Industry (2005). […]

How Much Smash’s Writers Hate Their Own Show, Argo’s Disregard for Facts, and Other Stories You May Have Missed

If I Only Have Time To Read One, Which Should It Be? Things Were About As Bad if Not a Little Worse Behind the Scenes of Season 1 of Smash Than You Expected All you […]