Les Misérables’ Beaucoup Box Office Dollars: It’s Better Than You Might Think

UPDATED: 3/5/2013-Box office figures have been updated and a more thorough explanation of the historical context has been added. Due to hit home video remarkably early (3/22), Les Miserables’ days in our houses of cinema in the United […]

We Debate: The Surprising Bleakness of Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Every now and again, pop-culture moments should be examined, discussed, and debated.  For this important purpose, We Minored in Film presents this semi-regular (aka whenever we find the time to pull ourselves away from crazy […]

Doctor Who and the Fine Art of Regeneration

It goes without saying that I love the BBC cultural institution that is Doctor Who. I went to London to see then-lead actor David Tennant acting with Patrick Stewart in the Royal Shakespeare Company’s production of Hamlet. […]

Final Destination: Oh, You Were Expecting Something Competent?

Ah, the Final Destination series. Why have a masked killer stalking teenagers when fate can do that just as well (and no actor has to be hired)? For anyone who doesn’t know the franchise (and […]

I LOVE That Scene: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

What is I LOVE That Scene?  It is a regular feature on our website in which we detail one single film scene we adore.  Typically, the scenes we discuss are those that force us to […]

You’ve Got Sleepless Mail in Seattle?, Disneyland Proposals, and Other Valentine’s Day Stories You May Have Missed

This week I focus on the many Valentines Day stories currently poluting the pop culture sites. If I Only Have Time to Read One Story, What Should It Be? Are You A Bad Person If […]

In Defense of Star Trek: Voyager – Or At Least, Hey, It’s Not That Bad

Is Star Trek: Voyager terrible?  Absolutely not. Is Star Trek: Voyager fantastic?  Whoa there, buddy.  Let’s not get crazy here. This is often the position taken by Star Trek fans when it comes to the […]

Where Everybody Knows Your Name: A Celebration of Cheers

“Cheers Oral History” from GQ Around 7 years ago, I picked up my first non-academic oral history of ______ book.  It was Legs McNeil’s The Other Hollywood: The Uncensored Oral History of the Porn Film Industry (2005). […]

How Much Smash’s Writers Hate Their Own Show, Argo’s Disregard for Facts, and Other Stories You May Have Missed

If I Only Have Time To Read One, Which Should It Be? Things Were About As Bad if Not a Little Worse Behind the Scenes of Season 1 of Smash Than You Expected All you […]