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Split Pulled Off What Prometheus & 10 Cloverfield Lane Could Not

Spoilers Below for Split, Prometheus & 10 Cloverfield Lane. Obviously. So, Split is a secret Unbreakable sequel, Prometheus a not-so-secret Alien prequel and 10 Cloverfield Lane a sort of side-sequel to Cloverfield. We know all […]

My Favorite 15 Films of 2016: Somehow Arrival, Deadpool & Green Room Didn’t Make the Cut

2016 was just the worst. Here are 15 films that made it a little better. Why 15 instead of the standard 10? Because I just had to be different, that’s why. Deal with it. #15 – […]

About 10 Cloverfield Lane’s Surprise Ending: The Director Has An Explanation

10 Cloverfield Lane Spoilers Below What now? That’s the question 10 Cloverfield Lane‘s ending attempts to answers. Rather than merely go out on a triumphant note after Michelle escapes from Howard and the bunker, director […]

Review: We Have to Talk About 10 Cloverfield Lane’s Ending

[Major 10 Cloverfield Lane plot spoilers below] 10 Cloverfield Lane is what would happen if Brie Larson’s Room suddenly turned into Steven Spielberg’s War of the Worlds. 10 Cloverfield Lane feels like Tyler Turden invaded […]