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Arrow’s “Checkmate” (S5:E16): Oliver and Prometheus Run Through the Show’s Greatest Hits

“Checkmate” finally gave Oliver and Adrian “Prometheus” Chase their long-awaited face-to-face confrontation, but it did so in such a familiar way, reminding us that season 5 is purposefully trading on the legacy of the first […]

Arrow Pulls a Batman Begins With Its Big Prometheus Reveal

Is it lazy of me to still see traces of The Dark Knight trilogy in Arrow’s storytelling playbook? We’re five seasons in at this point. Isn’t it fair to say that Arrow is kind of […]

Arrow’s “The Sin-Eater” Wastes Its Shot at Creating Its Own Gotham City Sirens

After last week’s gun control-centric flashback to the “very special episodes” of TV past, Arrow got back to business as usual in “The Sin-Eater,” setting a trio of formerly incarnated female villains (China White, Cupid, […]

Arrow’s Gun Control Episode Was Flawed, But Better Than Expected

Arrow exists in a universe in which people can be brought back to life thanks to a magic hot tub, nuclear bombs can destroy small U.S. towns without altering the world order in any meaningful way, […]

Is Legion Truly a Masterpiece? Or Is It Just So Different From Everything Else That It Stands Out?

Spoilers for Legion’s Pilot Await You Below Legion’s pilot, which just premiered on FX last night, is a triumph of style over substance, and I mean that in the best way possible. As has been […]

Flash, Legends of Tomorrow & Arrow Are Going In Opposite Directions

To watch a Greg Berlanti-produced superhero show is to turn off your brain, to revel in the bright and light and ignore plot holes, consistently underwritten female characters and increasingly unruly ensemble casts who can […]

Arrow “Second Chances” (S5:E11): Hello Dinah

In “Second Chances,” Arrow introduced its new Black Canary, and she’s not being played by Katie Cassidy. Instead, she’s an ex-Central City cop who gained a sonic scream from the particle accelerator, spent the next […]

Arrow’s 101st Episode (“What We Leave Behind”) Was Pretty Good Too

A lot happened in Arrow’s mid-season finale “What We Leave Behind,” some of it good, some of it more WTF than anything else. It concludes a run of 9 episodes which ushered in a stunning […]

My Final Thoughts on the “Heroes Vs. Aliens” DC TV Crossover

That was a lot of fun. The end. Really, what more needs to be said about “Invasion!”, CW’s three show (Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow) crossover event that also happened to co-star Supergirl? The alien […]

Arrow’s 100th Episode Was So, So Good

I first became aware of Arrow’s existence through a little blurb in Entertainment Weekly‘s 2012 Fall TV Preview edition. There was a picture of a shirtless Stephen Amell and a paragraph with quotes from the […]