A Lament for the Potentially Good Superman Movie Henry Cavill Never Got to Make

Warner Bros. went to Henry Cavill to discuss filming a Superman cameo for Shazam. They left with no cameo and, in fact, no Superman. That’s the gist of the story in The Hollywood Reporter, which […]

SyFy Review: Krypton Plays a Lot Better If You’ve Never Seen Smallville. Or Supergirl. Or Any Superman Movie Ever, Really.

I…can’t. I just can’t with Krypton right now. It’s a comic book show. It airs on SyFy after The Magicians, a show I adore. It features DC characters like Adam Strange and Brainiac and dares […]

Box Office: Will Hollywood Try to Explain Away Wonder Woman’s Success & Return to the Status Quo?

Before I start into my whole spiel about how this could all go horribly wrong, let’s just stop to scoreboard watch and celebrate: They did it. They actually did it. Patty Jenkins just broke through […]

Suicide Squad Box Office Update: Week 3

“The movie’s got to do $750 million, $800 million to break even. If they get anywhere close to that, they’ll consider it a win.” That’s what one insider told THR about Suicide Squad on the […]

Suicide Squad Box Office: Looking at the 2nd Weekend Drops for the DCEU Around the World

DC movie. Massive hype. Record-high opening in the US/Canada. Record-big second weekend drop. Sadness. Frustration. Anger. Blah, blah, blah… Been there, done that. First it was Batman v Superman (-69%). Now it’s Suicide Squad (-67%). […]

The Final Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer is Batman’s Time to Shine (or Mostly Glower)

It seems like it was only yesterday that Zack Snyder stunned Comic-Con audiences by having Harry Lennix read an iconic passage from Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns as a way of announcing that the […]

Trailer: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Will Be Funnier Than Man of Steel?

That’s it. I give up. I have no idea what to expect from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.  Well, that’s not technically true.  I have a very, very good idea of what the basic […]

Supergirl Feels Like a Show Stuck In Its Own Historical Significance

“My cousin doesn’t get these kinds of questions.” That was Kara Zor-El’s reaction to a particularly gendered question during her one-on-one interview with Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart) at the start of last night’s new episode […]

Her Name is Kara: 10 Reactions to the Supergirl Trailer

Here we go again. All-star producers Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg are launching a new light-hearted comic book superhero show which is getting a high-profile launch next season and has released a trailer which is […]

Man of Steel Color Correction: “Superman Should Fly In Blue Skies, Not Grey Ones”

Is it too late to re-shoot all of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice with a completely new director? Is it too late to get rid of Zack Snyder? Yeah, sorry. That ship has sailed. […]