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Inhumans Fallout: IMAX & ABC Had a Good IDea. Too Bad Marvel Dropped the Ball.

Marvel and ABC’s Inhumans just debuted in IMAX theaters across the world last weekend as a first-of-its-kind deal debuting a TV show in movie theaters months before its actual TV premiere. It didn’t go well. […]

Making Lower-Budget Standalone DC Movies? Good Idea. Making The First One a Joker Origin Story? Bad Idea.

Here’s the (maybe) good news: Warner Bros. is planning a separate batch of lower-budget, standalone DC movies. Here’s the (definitely) bad news: The first one of these might be a Joker origin story directed by […]

The Defenders Episode 1 “The H Word” – Choppy, Just Like The Avengers

Just finished the first episode. Can I finally say, “Defenders asse…”? Not so fast. We’ve got to set the mood, reintroduce the characters, tie off all of their cliffhangers and chart a new path for […]

Could Disney’s New Netflix-like Service Be a Step Toward Premium Video On Demand?

Why is Disney walking away from a deal which nets them as much as $300 million a year? That’s what Ben Weiss, chief investment officer at 8th & Jackson Capital Management, wondered when Disney announced […]

Box Office: Will Hollywood Try to Explain Away Wonder Woman’s Success & Return to the Status Quo?

Before I start into my whole spiel about how this could all go horribly wrong, let’s just stop to scoreboard watch and celebrate: They did it. They actually did it. Patty Jenkins just broke through […]

Iron Fist’s Season Finale “Dragon Plays With Fire”: Not With a Bang But a Whimper

Sigh. Not with a bang but a whimper. That’s my instant reaction to Iron Fist’s season finale, which upends all the good work done in the latter half of the season and goes out in […]

Iron Fist Episodes 4-6: Did It Get Better?

Weeks in advance of Iron Fist’s premiere, Netflix provided TV critics with screeners for the first 6 episodes, and those critics gobbled them up and spit them out, emphatically declaring that the show left a […]

Iron Fist’s First 3 Episodes: Give Me a Spin-Off About Harold and His Intern

Iron Fist’s first three episodes can be roughly summarized as follows: Episode 1 – Danny: Hey, everyone! It’s me, Danny, heir to the billion dollar company you’ve been running ever since I went down in […]

If Iron Fist Stinks Can I Just Skip It? Or Will I Miss Out on Vital Set-Up For The Defenders?

According to the early reviews, Iron Fist, which premieres on Netflix a week from tomorrow, is not so much terrible as it is the blandest comic book show from blandonia. Almost none of the characters […]

Worldwide Box Office: Doctor Strange On Pace to Become Marvel’s Biggest Non-Robert Downey Jr. Hit

All cards on the table: I didn’t actually set out to write this article. Oh, Doctor Strange, the 14th installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is making a lot of money? Fantastic, but what else […]