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Box Office: Just How High Could La La Land Go?

It’s good to be anyone connected to La La Land right about now. Awards bodies are falling over themselves to shower the film with trophies (a record-setting 7 at the Golden Globes) and nominations (11 […]

Revisiting My Favorite Films of 2015

As I ponder my favorite films of 2016, I realize I never made a list for 2015. Oh, that’s exactly what everyone else is already doing, I remember thinking at the time. I should challenge […]

War Dogs Film Review: Entertaining in a “Can You Believe This Actually Happened?” Kind of Way

Halfway through War Dogs, the two young con men (played by Jonah Hill and Miles Teller) at the heart of the story attend a specialized convention in Las Vegas. Their partnership as government contract arms […]

Comedy Guys No More: Why Todd Phillips, Adam McKay & Jay Roach Turned So Political

Three of America’s favorite comedy directors from ten years ago are now making bids for respectability in surprisingly similar ways. To wit, in 2004 directors Jay Roach, Adam McKay and Todd Phillips were responsible for […]

The Obligatory Oscars Reaction Post – Spotlight Bookends a Crazy Show

Even Morgan Freeman sounded slightly surprised when he announced the name of this year’s Best Picture Winner: Spotlight. Spotlight, the movie that had been rejected by the Golden Globes, Directors Guild, Producers Guild and BAFTAs? […]

Oscars: Who Will Win, Who Might Pull Off an Upset & Who Should Have Been Nominated

This is supposedly the most unpredictable year for the Academy Awards in recent memory, yet outside of Picture & Director there are heavy favorites in all of the major categories. The technical categories are, as […]

A Revenant Horse Sleeping Bag for Kids Would Be Just as Horrifying as You’d Expect

The Revenant somehow managed to go from a disaster-ridden production with rather dubious press to a worldwide hit. Heading into Oscar weekend, its domestic ($166m) and worldwide ($384m) gross is second to only The Martian […]

Oscars 2016: Do We Finally Have a Front-Runner for Best Picture?

How do you predict which movie is going to win Best Picture at the Oscars? Throw a dart on the wall? Pick the one that sounds the most Oscar Bait-y (did that sound dirty?)? Always […]

Box Office Report: The Non-Star Wars Edition

Ever since Star Wars: The Force Awakens launched its ongoing campaign to trample every conceivable box office record in film history, it’s been easy to forget that there are actually other movies in theaters right […]

The Stories Behind 4 More Amazing Movie Moments of 2015

When I think about individual scenes and moments from movies which really impacted me I want to know everything about it.  I want to know what the director and actors were going through, and whether […]