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Supernatural’s “Wayward Sisters” Makes a Solid Case for an All-Female Spin-Off

It’s been nearly a decade since Supernatural’s original creator Eric Kripke left the show, having completed the Sam & Dean vs. the Apocalypse story he set out to tell. In the time since then, the […]

TV Review: With Black Lightning, The CW Has Finally Met Marvel’s Challenge to Up Its Superhero Game

Black Lightning feels like what would happen if someone crossed Morgan Freeman from Lean on Me with Mike Colter’s Luke Cage and then fine-tuned it for the Trump age. It’d be a surprising, but welcome […]

Here’s How to Watch The CW Shows This Year Without Hulu

“According to Bloomberg, CBS and Time Warner, the co-owners of The CW, are considering launching a standalone streaming service for the genre-heavy network, and if they do they will likely pull The CW’s shows from […]

Hollywood Shuffle – China’s Making Congress Nervous & Other News

In this Hollywood news round-up, there’s a whole lot about China and little bit extra for horror films (in general), Jurassic World, Spawn and Toronto Film Festival. FILM China is saving Hollywood, but at what cost? […]

Upfronts 2016: Do You Still Watch Broadcast TV Shows?

The 2016 broadcast network upfronts are over. Over the five-day event, CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox and The CW combined to formally announce over 40 new shows for the 2016/2017 schedule. Beyond that, over 20 returning […]

The Evolution of the New Friday the 13th TV Series: From Long Shot to Joining CW’s Development Slate

In April 2014, Deadline exclusively revealed that original Friday the 13th director Sean S. Cunningham and several producers were throwing together a potential TV show rebirth for the franchise, crafting an hour-long drama re-imagining Jason […]

Why iZombie Succeeded & Constantine Failed

So, Constantine is officially dead, and I want to talk about iZombie. What? Why? That’s just how my mind works. Stick with me. While promoting iZombie, co-creators Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero have repeatedly admitted […]

Dwindling Ratings & Ad Dollars: The State of Network Television At the 2015 Upfronts

It’s that time of year again. This is when the top five broadcast networks do their song and dance in front of Madison Avenue ad people, CBS touting how it’s still #1 in overall viewers, […]

That Friday the 13th TV Series Is Apparently Still Happening & It’s Going to Be Very Meta

Straight from the “Oh, they’re still doing that?” department comes news that producer Sean Cunningham is indeed still trying to make a Friday the 13th TV series. Nearly a year ago, Deadline first reported that […]

Review: Metaphors, Veronica Mars Comparisons & Polite Applause for the iZombie Pilot

I so want to love this, yet I only kind of like it. It makes me want to watch Veronica Mars again. Though it’s about zombies, it feel like a Frankenstein’s monster cobbled together from […]