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Watch This – Holy Crap! They’re Re-Making the DuckTales Video Game

Scrooge stars alongside his grandnephews on Du...

We don’t typically talk about video games on this site as it not an area of expertise for us, but we made an exception here since this is a game based on a TV show.

Because we all know “life is like a hurricane here in Duckberg” Capcom has announced DuckTales: Remastered, a high-definition remake of the classic NES game.  The announcement came via a tong-in-cheek trailer which first premiered at PAX East 2013 on March 22.  There is even a sing-a-long portion of the trailer featuring video game footage set to the tune of the theme song of the original Disney animated series.  If you can watch it and not involuntarily sing, “Woo-oo!” in response to the phrase “DuckTales” during the chorus you are made of stronger stuff than us.  The gameplay footage starts at the 48 second mark of the trailer.

Okay.  I’m not crazy, right?  It’s not just me who thinks that looks insanely fun?

Adapted from the immensely popular Disney animated series of the same name, the original DuckTales video game was released in 1989, and was almost instantly fought over by siblings who disliked taking turns.  “But mom said you’re too old to like DuckTales” was, unfortunately, not a valid argument.  Sigh.  Subsequently, the game has been ranked among the best Nintendo games of all time by the likes IGN.  The remake is being developed by WayForward Technologies, whose roots go back to 1990 and recent nostalgia video game development experience includes 2012’s Double Dragon Neon.  Sadly, their Double Dragon was sans Scott Wolf and/or Alyssa Milano.

As with the original, the remake puts you in the role of Scrooge McDuck in a quest for more money in five different regions of the world.  However, instead of maybe signing unfair trade treaties or quietly usurping leaders unfriendly to your economic policies to get what you want you mostly use a cane as a pogo-stick and jump on people’s heads.

Don't feel bad. That crab Scrooge is about to straight-up murder with his pogo-cane had it coming. He's clearly evil.  Why?  Must there be a reason?
Don’t feel bad. That crab Scrooge is about to straight-up murder with his pogo-cane had it coming. He’s clearly evil. Why? Must there be a reason?

The remake is said to retain most of the original game’s levels while also adding new areas and boss patterns.  So, where you once had to run to the left and then use your cane to jump on the boss’ head you will now have to run to the right and use your cane to jump on the boss’ head.  The graphics have been completely updated, resulting in gorgeous-looking visuals of  2D characters set in front of 3D backgrounds

It is now only a matter of time before remakes of the old NES games for Chip N’ Dale Rescue Rangers, Darkwing Duck, and Tale Spin flood the marketplace and little kids struggle to re-take their video game systems from their nostalgia-mad parents.

In honor of this blast from the past, here are the theme songs  you will definitely struggle to get out of your head the rest of the day:

Darkwing Duck

Tale Spin

This post has been brought to you by the letter “N” for “Nostalgia.”


    1. I think I was there and saw you do that a couple of times. Funny thing is when I wrote that article I came across a YouTube video of gameplay footage from the original NES DuckTales game (not the new remake) and it looks so easy.

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