10 Life Lessons NBC’s Hannibal has Taught Us

NBC’s ratings challenged, but recently renewed, Hannibal is winding down, and I’ve made it known that I’m a huge fan of the series. So, I thought it would be worthwhile point out the valuable life lessons the series has taught us over the eleven episodes aired (either online on television). These are the little bits of everyday wisdom you can carry with you and use in your daily life:

1) Art is an excellent means of expression.


2) People  nourish the world around them and nourish the world most effectively when they work together.


3) Family is the only thing that really matters.


4) There’s a little angel in all of us.


5) Always be there to lend someone a hand.


6) Never underestimate the value of music.


7) Always save business cards. You never know when they’ll come in handy.




8) Tell your life story in the most unique way possible.


9) Keep a smile on your face.


10) Never leave the house without your necktie.

Hannibal - Season 1

Who knows what life lessons Hannibal will give us next? Check out next week’s preview for any Chicken Soup for the Soul-esque clues:



So, what do you think, guys? Any other valuable lessons Hannibal has given us? Do you think this list is in terrible taste, or do you find it darkly funny? Let us know in the comments!


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