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TV Review: Arrow, “Tremors” (S2/EP12) – A Shaky, Table-Setting Episode

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  • Airdate: 1/29/2014
  • Director: Guy Bee (Arrow, Supernatural, Criminal Minds)
  • Writer(s): Marc Guggenheim (Arrow Co-creator/Executive Producer) & Drew Z. Greenberg (Arrow, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Warehouse 13) – They also wrote “State Vs. Queen” together.

Last week, Arrow set about solving a problem like Laurel Lance by having her be the sanest person in the room before completely shattering her confidence, stripping her of her job and Oliver’s unyielding support.  Roy, on the other hand, finally become too loose a cannon for Oliver to ignore.  It was an episode whose big emotional moments landed as intended even if the logic of the plot lines didn’t pass the smell test.  This week, on the other hand, was just a big ole mess.

Let’s break it down:


No One Understands You, Roy, But Oliver Does –


Oliver’s attempts to train Roy mostly amount to Oliver yelling, “You have to learn control” only to have Roy then punch something so hard he breaks it.  Not surprisingly, Roy loses control when Oliver reluctantly takes him into the field to investigate a heist at Malcolm Merlyn’s old mansion.  Turns out Bronze Tiger has been busted out of prison and hired by someone to steal a prototype of Merlyn’s  earthquake machine.  Oliver would have stopped them right there if Roy hadn’t nearly punched one of the goons to death.  Later, Roy tries to stop Bronze Tiger on his own, but it’s only with Oliver he’s able to save the day, stopping the hastily turned on earthquake machine.  Granted, before that Roy went medieval on Bronze Tiger’s face, but an unmasked Oliver reveals his secret identity and gets him to snap out of it.  In the end, Roy is initiated into Team Arrow, meeting both Felicity and Diggle, while Tiger is sent to prison where Amanda Waller recruits him into the Suicide Squad.

Moira – An Unexpected Candidate –

Moira has a dinner date with Walter.  Oh, la la.  Could love be in the air?  Has Walter forgiven her for that whole  “partially responsible for you being captured and held hostage for a couple of months” thing? Maybe, but love is not in the cards yet.  Instead, Walter and a political consultant want Moira to run for mayor because Sebastian Blood’s campaign policies would bankrupt the city in 8 months.  Speaking for any sane person, Moira thinks it’s a positively ludicrous idea, yet everyone keeps saying things like, “I’d vote for you.”  So, Moira decides to run for mayor, although now her pesky doctor who knows Thea wasn’t Robert Queen’s daughter must be dealt with.  Classic Moira.

Laurel’s Having a Bad Week –

Last week, Laurel was figuratively kicked down.  This week, she’s struggling to get back up.  Her dad tricks her into attending an AA (or something) meeting, from which she runs away with alarming haste.  Her attempt to get a job at old pal Joanna’s new law firm actually brings her resume to the attention of a member of the state bar association, yada, yada, yada, now she’s about to be disbarred due to her substance abuse problem.  Worse yet?  This would be a great time to turn to pills, but those were confiscated last week.  So, Laurel enjoys any alcoholic drinks that come with olives at Oliver’s club.  When Oliver and Thea try to cut her off she insults both of them and maybe, kind of, sort of also an onlooking Felicity.  Oliver’s calls someone to help her.  We’re probably supposed to think he called Laurel’s dad, but the episode cliffhangs by revealing he really called Sara, who hovers over a drunken Laurel in her apartment.    

Meanwhile, Back On the Island… –


Sara and Oliver track Slade to the cave with the dead Japanese WWII soldiers.  Based on cave drawings left behind by Slade, Oliver deduces he means to use the rocket launcher from last season to sink Ivo’s ship, but that’s their only way off the island!  So, at the rocket launcher Oliver talks Slade down, even after having a gun pointed at this head.  His message? [paraphrasing]: “Shado loved you, not the way you wanted, but she sure thought you were swell.  Now, you can’t blow up that boat because we’re going to steal it!”  Oliver, you silver tongued devil.


It’s the rare episode of Arrow where you know you’re in trouble based solely on the cold open (the pre-title card sequence).  However, “Tremors” immediately overreached by asking us to buy a man having smuggled into a prison each individual item of Bronze Tiger’s (Michael Jai White) metal claw under his skin.  The immediate reference point is the prisoner with the bomb sown into his stomach by the Joker in The Dark Knight.  Plus, maybe history has shown this type of thing to happen from time to time.  However, when I saw a guy randomly pulling blades and a claw out of different parts of his body at the beginning of “Tremors” my reaction was an indignant, “Oh, come on!”  Then the stupid prison guard turned his back on Bronze Tiger even though he was clearly hiding something, and I said it again.  Sadly, that was a common reaction for the remainder of the episode:

  • Oliver’s disguise and modulated voice is good enough to fool anyone who doesn’t know him, but how did Roy not recognize him?  It’s not like that warehouse was as dimly lit as that rooftop Oliver always seems to meet Detective Lance on.
  • Malcolm Merlyn just happens to have a prototype of the earthquake machine stored in the basement of his mansion that criminals know about, but every law agency which has surely gone over every details of Merlyn’s life and possessions after last season had no idea?
  • The bad guy paying Bronze Tiger just panics and turns on the earthquake machine?
  • Oliver can’t open the shipyard containers on his own?
  • All they had to do to stop the machine was blow it up?  Really?  I know it’s a prototype, but don’t we remember how much trouble Detective Lance had shutting down a full version of the machine last season?


  • Moira Queen is going to run for mayor?  No, seriously, you’re actually having her run for mayor?  This is the same Moira who got off scott free in such an obviously unjust way it’s a wonder there wasn’t rioting, and when Oliver threw her a “welcome back to work” party hardly anyone showed up to support her.  Now, you’re telling me nearly half of polled voters feel sympathetic toward her?
  • Felicity and Diggle are all “Can we really trust Roy?” one minute but all smiles and “Welcome to the team!” the next?

However, this is a comic book show.  On top of that, we are a long way removed from the Christopher Nolan mimicry of season 1.  Realism is no longer their dramatic calling card but instead an anchor they are not entirely concerned with maintaining.  So, is it possible I am just nitpicking “Tremors” the way it is so easy to nitpick big comic book movies?  What was Arrow really trying to accomplish here?

“Tremors” clearly references the potential literal tremors associated with the earthquake machine as well as the trembling hand symptom shared by Slade and Roy as a result of the mirakuru.  Furthermore, Sara’s early line about love being the most powerful emotion but also the most dangerous applies to the resolutions reached with Slade in the past and Roy in the present, both pacified by Oliver’s appeal to think of the person they loved to keep on the path of good.  The intent to parallel Slade and Roy is obvious, with this connection being just another method by which the writers are attempting this season to make the island flashbacks far more directly (instead of just thematically) relate to present day story lines.


However, it seemed bizarre that for both Slade and Roy’s storyline they would roll out last season’s two big doomsday devices, the rocket launcher on the island and a lesser version of the earthquake machine.  Those were both such big deals last season tying into season-long story arcs.  However, now here they were in a normal episode with no build-up.  For Roy’s story, the device doesn’t really matter.  They simply tried to create a situation where Roy had to be the hero when Oliver couldn’t and save Thea without reverting to a more standard Thea as damsel in distress scenario.  That makes the earthquake machine an obvious solution, but whenever you do a callback like this to your big bad device from a year ago you are playing with fire because it introduces questions you usually don’t answer.

Elsewhere, involving Moira in a mayoral election in opposition to Sebastian Blood seems like another way in which the writers are following through on their stated goal to streamline all stories this season to more revolve around Oliver.  Last week, the show at least temporarily removed the main opposition to Blood’s criminal persona by destroying Laurel’s credibility.  Now Moira enters as the counterpoint to Blood’s public persona.  This is the same Sebastian that Oliver has publicly endorsed and considers to be his friend, thus re-introducing the potential for conflict in Oliver’s relationship with his mom.  Plus, it finally brings back the backburnered drama about Thea’s true parentage, thus now placing both Moira and Thea into the Sebastian/Slade story line.

The problem is that they had to spend an entire episode trying to convince us that Moira running for mayor actually makes sense.  For their storytelling needs, it absolutely does-it’s her new redemptive arc.  However, for the universe of Arrow it’s a harder sell.  Remember, that in “State Vs. Queen” (also written by Guggenheim and Greenberg) the prosecution’s argument was Moira confessed to being guilty on live TV, is a bad mother, and was also a bad wife with a romantic relationship with the  man who supposedly coerced her.  Her defense pretty much had no case, and no one, not even Oliver, understood how she ended up being found not guilty (they still don’t know Merlyn bought the jury).  This is the woman who will now run for mayor in that universe.  They try to compare her to politicians who sought redemption in the public sphere, but a couple of sex scandals are not the same as being partially responsible for the homicides of 503 people.  This is a ludicrous concept they’re hoping we’ll just go with, maybe because we realize Susanna Thompson’s Moira Queen will be amazing opposite Kevin Alejandro’s Sebastian Blood.


Laurel, on the other hand, returned to existing in her own separate TV show before crossing over into Arrow proper at Verdant and at the end with Sara in her apartment.  Katie Cassidy’s drunk acting was a bit big, but no worse than what Martin Freeman/Benedict Cumberbatch just did on Sherlock this week.  At some point, they have to let Laurel get back up off the ground, in this case literally.  Hopefully Sara’s return will help lift her up, and this is the end of the at-times-annoying-to-watch tearing down of Laurel to build her back up.  Please let this be the rock bottom moment for Laurel because we really don’t need any further downward spiraling from her.

Someone in the comments section of my review of last week’s episode, “Blind Spot,” argued they weren’t interested in finding out more about Laurel when there’s a character like Felicity around whose background remains mostly a mystery.   However, my bigger criticism might be that the recent ascension of Roy to sidekick status has meant the demotion of Diggle to, what, cracking jokes from the peanut gallery and serving as point to Felicity’s counterpoint in debating the case of the week.  You can make Roy Oliver’s sidekick without also forgetting that Oliver already has a pretty tough dude around  who can help out in the field.   


The first two episodes (“Blast Radius,” “Blind Spot”) since the mid-season finale were busy, transitional pieces which were easy to nitpick but still managed to land their big emotional moments.  However, “Tremors” is an episode which happily brings back Walter, gives Moira more to do yet ultimately feels a tad messy.  Not even the emotional moments manage to completely land because the crazy leaps of logic are too big to ignore this time, with no great action scene or impeccable sense of pacing around to distract us by entertaining us.  Even then, Stephen Amell continues to shine as Oliver (even back to being shirtless for no reason this week), Felicity still gets a good line or two, and the cliffhanger promises a far better episode next week.  We sure hope so because this one wasn’t that good.


1. Comic Book 101: Ben Turner, aka, Bronze Tiger


  • First Appearance: 1974

At the age of 10, Ben Turner killed a burglar with a kitchen knife.  Alarmed by his ensuing rage, he funneled his energies into martial arts, eventually traveling East and studying under a legendary sensei.  He and a partner, Richard Dragon, bounced around from organization to organization until the CIA had them attempt to take down the League of Assassins.  That went…poorly.  Turner was brainwashed by the League into becoming their masked assassin named Bronze Tiger.  As Tiger, he most famously defeated Batman in one-on-one combat while attempting to assassinate Batwoman.  After that, Turner was deprogrammed and recruited into Amanda Waller’s group of incarcerated supervillains known as the Suicide Squad  who serve government missions in return for a commuted prison sentence.  Turner is actually one of the few kind of nice guys, sometimes serving as leader of the Squad.

Michael Jai White played Turner mostly as a thug earlier this season, and although his costume hasn’t greatly improved he appear to have ever, ever-so slightly more shading in “Tremors” as in he doesn’t seem 100% okay with the earthquake machine, more like 98% okay.

2. Am I the only one who finds it kind of funny every time someone on this show utters the word “Mirakuru“?  They’re taking it so seriously when the word literally translates to “The Miracle,” and is clearly a bogus comic book miracle drug that gives people superhuman powers.  However, for the universe of Arrow I guess they absolutely have to take it seriously.

3. So much now apparently rides on Slade’s love and anguish over Shado that it seems all the more glaring how relatively little they did to establish their connection prior to her death.

4. How on Earth will Roy ever explain to Thea what the hell was going on that day he came into the club, commanded her to leave town with her family, just about crushed her arm, and then ran away while staring at his trembling hand?

5. Favorite joke of the night?  Oliver playfully looking up at the roof of the Arrow cave/floor of the club when Thea calls him and asks how close he is to the club.

What did you think?  Like “Tremors”?  Hate it?  Love it? Let us know in the comments section.

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  1. I agree with you this episode was a mess of epic proportions. As I stated last week, and you’ve agreed with but not in the same words, it’s easy to enjoy the show despite the plot holes when the show actually has something interesting to show you.

    There was nothing interesting this week, unfortunately, except for how Sara suddenly developed teleportation powers. Did she not leave town to keep Laurel and Quentin safe from the League? But somehow she managed to get to Laurel’s apartment before Laurel got home from Verdant? I did cry like a baby when Laurel saw her though. And I’m wondering what’s up with shady dude in the bar? Was he following Laurel for Blood? For the League? So confusing.

    Do you really think Laurel’s secretary comment was a shot at Felicity? If it was, and I don’t believe it, it was a lot less snarky than Felicity’s “the almight Laurel” comment. And what’s up with Felicity, Oliver’s secretary to everyone’s eyes but Team Arrow’s, always being around. Did she really have to inject herself into the scene with Laurel? We know they get great cell reception in the Cave so why couldn’t Felicity have just called him with the info she had? Everyone wonders how no one ever recognizes Oliver as Arrow. I wonder why no one ever wonders why Oliver’s secretary is following him into bars after hours, etc.

    1. Based upon the trailer for next week with Sara and Laurel’s mom having been taken hostage it’s possible Sara was already in town or nearby trying to deal with that when Oliver called (assuming she is indeed the one he called). Even then, she did get there mighty fast, and does Laurel even have a security system? As for the shady dude from the bar, that must be setting something up for later. It could be Slade, Sebastian, or the League of Assassins watching her.

      It’s implicit in Laurel’s comment that she views the job of a secretary as being inferior to a lawyer, and in her drunken self-pity she finds the whole idea of maybe becoming Oliver’s secretary funny. I don’t really think there was much more to it than that, though. It wasn’t some great insult, but more likely just a moment they threw in to stoke the Felicity/Laurel/Oliver fire. You’re right – Felicity didn’t really need to be there. Honestly, when Laurel noticed Felicity and made her comment my first thought was that Oliver had asked Felicity to drive Laurel home or ensure she got home safely because why else would Felicity be there. Plus, she had her coat on like she was about to go somewhere.

      I guess Felicity is Oliver’s Executive Assistant meaning she is like a turbo-charged secretary. So, people probably wouldn’t be shocked to see her around Oliver outside of the office. Plus, the implication is that Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity all take glorified secret entrances into the bar to get to the Arrow Cave. So, unless I’m forgetting something last night might have been one of the first times anyone had actually seen Felicity in that bar with Oliver ever since he made her his Executive Assistant. Thea wouldn’t have known Oliver was literally underneath the bar when she called. Maybe she’d just guess Oliver and Felicity had been some big CEO meeting that ran late. However, it’s probably still a bit odd with the potential to become ridiculous over time.

      There was another plot hole I hadn’t even considered which is that Moira’s run for mayor seems all the more awkward when you remember that she just attended Sebastian Blood’s unity rally a mere two episodes ago.

      1. I still can’t imagine Laurel being better BC than Sara, and i don’t want Sara to die 😦
        people everywhere are saying that she will die to save her family and that would be her redemption or smth like that

      2. To be fair to Laurel, it’s hard to even imagine her being able to walk in a straight line based upon the state of her by the end of “Tremors.” So, she’s pretty dang far removed from BC at this point. They have done some work in the history of the show to hint at Laurel’s physical prowess, although it’s clearly mostly at the “she was raised by a cop, and has taken self-defense classes” stage and not at Sara’s “trained by the world’s leading glorified ninjas” bad-ass-ery. However, logic would dictate Sara is the non-comic book character thus making her expendable. Plus, after killing Tommy last season and Shado at mid-season everyone now expects a major death by season’s end.

        However, I’m still totally with you – I don’t want Sara to die. I know their cast of regular and recurring characters is so big now that they could benefit from a slight thinning of the herd by season’s end, and if you are of the belief that Sara cannot co-exist as Canary with Laurel as Black Canary (whenever that happens) then Sara not dying only delays the inevitable. The more surprising choice would be to kill Sara and Laurel’s dad, but I don’t want him to die either.

        I try to avoid these type of spoilers, but if you want to be spoiled as to whether or not Lotz’ Canary will still be around by late March you can read my recent article:

  2. I have a Sara/Laurel/Black Canary theory. I don’t see them bringing Sara back just to kill her. They have also never called her Black Canary, just Canary, but they keep giving her BC’s traits. It even seems like they’re going to give her the Canary Cry now even though she had to use a sonic device in her first two episodes (plothole!).

    But, my theory is that Sara is actually mostly Lady Shiva from the comics. Shiva was the co-leader of the League of Assassins along with Nyssa Raatko (al Ghul) at one point and, hey, guess who is after Sara and quite possibly her lover? Nyssa al Ghul. Shiva also was the one to originally take Sin under her wing. She also traded places with Dinah Laurel Lance in the Birds of Prey and called herself Jade Canary. It makes me think maybe when the League comes to town, Laurel’s either going to be kidnapped or go voluntarily with them to get trained.

    1. I have to admit that I’m not 100% familiar with Lady Shiva. I read about her history when looking into the background of Sin for an earlier review. The same also goes for Nyssa Raatko. I remember reading about the storyline where Lady Shiva and Dinah Lance switched places, and thinking it sounded kind of awesome.

      As far as theories go, I think your’s is fairly workable. The easier route would be to just kill Sara and have that be the catalyst for Laurel to become Black Canary. However, they’ve given us a pretty intricate backstory for how Sara and Oliver are such badass vigilantes. As a result, there is still the issue with Laurel where on her path to becoming Black Canary you can give us her motivations but you also have to explain the practical realities of how does she become such a great fighter. Getting trained by Sara or some branch of the League could work. Then again, they jumpstarted Roy’s progression by just making him a metahuman, and it never really was explained how Helena “Huntress” Bertinelli became such a badass fighter and shooter. However, I kind of like your theory.

      I’m also the same guy who thought Laurel would remain in the DA’s office this season and uncover corruption from within thus tarnishing her faith in the justice system. That might yet still happen with her old boss turning out to be a crooked dude, but it’s certainly not gone how I expected it to so far.

      1. A lot of people really don’t like Laurel character or the actress, or both. I like Katie Cassidy, but to be real if they asked me to remove somebody, I would send her to rehab. I wouldn’t miss her like i would others from main cast.

  3. “So much now apparently rides on Slade’s love and anguish over Shado that it seems all the more glaring how relatively little they did to establish their connection prior to her death.” – This is exactly how I feel as well. I can imagine why Slade would have feelings for Shado for taking care of him when he got burnt but this is something that should have been developed more on-screen. If I recall, last season Slade mentioned he had a wife and child back home … (not that he couldn’t fall in love with another woman.)

    “This is a ludicrous concept they’re hoping we’ll just go with, maybe because we realize Susanna Thompson’s Moira Queen will be amazing opposite Kevin Alejandro’s Sebastian Blood.” – I agree it doesn’t make any sense. Having said that, I’m looking forward to integrating Moira Queen with the season’s story arc, her opposition to Blood and the secret of Thea’s father is a ticking time bomb. Didn’t Martha Kent in Smallville also run for office?

    “my bigger criticism might be that the recent ascension of Roy to sidekick status has meant the demotion of Diggle” – I’m excited about Roy joining Team Arrow but Diggle is criminally underused, it’s quite disappointing. This episode had two characters, Roy and Laurel, spiraling out of control which I imagine can be frustrating for some to watch but looks like they got their mentors now.

    1. SLADE –
      I actually misread what they were doing with Slade early on this season. He has this odd reaction to Oliver and Shado having their lakeside lovemaking session. I thought it was because he didn’t trust Shado and was looking out for his friend, fearing a Yoko kind of situation. Nope; it was just the beginning of a love triangle. I’m okay with that if they followed through, and I’m also okay with Slade’s connection with Shado being more hinted at than depicted but not if that affection then becomes the primary motivation for his character from that point forward. That’s putting a heck of a lot on something the show barely delved into. As for his family, Oliver actually mentions the kid in “Tremors,” which totally threw me because I had completely forgotten Slade was supposed to have a kid waiting for him.

      It’s one of those things on Arrow you just have to accept and go with (like Sara coming back). I don’t know if it’s actually better or worse than Smallville where Clark’s mom went from housewife to a state senator. I want to say she, too, had to run for office to combat a big bad of the moment, but it’s been a while. However, they needed something for Moira to do, and like I hinted in the review I am genuinely looking forward to Susanna Thompson and Kevin Alejandro getting to be bitchy at each other.

      Diggle apparently has another showcase episode on the way. I go back and forth on Roy, way down on him last season, a bit up on him this season. Now that he’s part of the team let’s see how they divvy up the screen time for each team member going forward.

  4. So, Ann, just so we’re clear, your overall opinion of every episode is Laurel = bad, Felicity = good? I don’t know. I just feel like I might be missing some subtext in your writing or something.

    1. In this show right now, yes Laurel is worst written main character for me. She wasn’t in 1st season though. And i really like the actress. Thank you for asking.

      1. That is certainly a very popular opinion among fans right now, not just among those who have always disliked Laurel but also among those who liked her last season.

      2. I hope they improve Laurel soon, i liked her when she worked together with Arrow. I think it’s very risky what they’re doing with character right now. And i don’t know what is happening with all hate towards Katie, it is really sad and scary 😦

      3. The idea is that they are tearing her down to build her back up again, but there is a point at which you have irreparably damaged the character and the audience’s interest in her. I keep thinking that after everything Laurel went through with Oliver and Sara apparently dying on the island those years ago and her parent’s marriage dissolving yet she still ended up a strong person with an advanced degree and career that she’d be too strong to fall apart like this in response to Tommy’s death. However, I guess it’s supposed to be cumulative, and she feels guilt here where she hadn’t before.

        Either way, it’s been an incredibly risky direction to go, and that “she’ll be Black Canary” light at the end of the tunnel doesn’t seems all that attractive right now.

        Poor Katie Cassidy has been handed one of the more unflattering story lines (the bottom out, wallowing in self-pity and remorse) you can give an actor exactly at the time there was someone else, Felicity, fans were latching onto. So, it’s like they set her up to fail. Either way, she certainly doesn’t deserve a lot of the hate she gets.

        Sadly, she’s not alone. Here’s a list of 15 other actresses who have been cyber-bullied as of late:

  5. Please note, this reply contains upcoming possible spoilers.

    Kelly, I think you summed up a lot of what I was thinking,

    However, I still think everyone forgets what an absolute jerk Oliver was when he first landed on the island, but hey Oliver is a guy, the hero, so we lap up all the misogynistic double standards. Frankly for me Sara will never ever be the Black Canary, just because she has the wig and a costume doesn’t make her the true character. I for one will be looking forward to the day when Sara has died, as I have hated this stupid plot line from day one. It seems to me that not only is Laurel Lance going through a crucible to become her alter ego the Black Canary, but so is the actress Katie Cassidy. Compared to every other character, Laurel’s has suffered the most, apart from Oliver- were there journeys are almost identical.

    I am hoping that the Birds of Prey story line (which is a Dinah Laurel Lance story to begin with) is where we might see the demise unfold. I hope they follow Gail Simone’s introductory story and have Sara Lance fall into a trap which has her in chains and is critically injured. I hope this is where Laurel will begin her transition to fight back. I don’t want to get into who is better than who, I just want the rightful character with the correct personality to be Black Canary. I don’t want the Sara version, who is a trained assassin and now appears to be bi-sexual/gay (not that I have a problem with anyone who is sexual oriented to this persuasion), but again it goes against Black Canary canon – who is a passionate heterosexual and lover of Green Arrow. I want to see the journey of the Black Canary becoming a heroine, not the ready made pre-packaged version we have been given to date.

    In regards to Felicity appearing in Verdant, I just find this a moment for Olicity fans to cry foul. There was no reason for her to be in that scene, as you are right what is wrong with a phone call, nothing she said couldn’t be explained over a phone. It seems to me that every time there is a scene with Laurel and Oliver, the writers feel they need to insert Felicity into the scene to cause friction within the fandom. It is not necessary and it’s sloppy, as it shows inconsistency. For what reason would Felicity want to expose herself to Thea that she was also close by at the club, or she was with Oliver. It just doesn’t make sense when they want their secret maintained. Surely they use secret entrances and exits all the time, so why the need to have her in the club.

    Of course a secretary or waitress job is inferior to a lawyer, firstly the take home pay would be financially limiting (especially if you are still paying student loans off) and it would not have the same mental stimulation. I know I would be bored out of mind. But it is not to say that the people who do these jobs are inferior, it is just not sufficient to sustain someone who is smart and savvy like Laurel Lance. The comments were more a reflection on how low she sunk in her professional career, she feels useless and worthless and has lost all sense of hope.

    In terms of bottoming out, I think we see the final straw that breaks the camels back, as I think Laurel will attempt suicide, but only to be stopped by Oliver.

    I am wondering whether Laurel received any of the vial that shady guy had, as Laurel appeared to be more drunk at home than in the club. She also seems to pass out. My guess is Brother Blood, as his thugs all dress alike. I can only assume if he wasn’t successful he will try again soon.

    1. Sara-
      I think we agree, generally, on the story line but not the character. I also really hated the entire idea of bringing Sara back since Oliver was apparently lying (or definitely telling a half-truth as far as he knew) about her all last season. And if I had a great fondness for Black Canary I’d want to be rid of her as soon as possible because she’s so clearly not the Dinah/Laurel Lance Black Canary. However, like a lot of stuff this season 2 I’ve just kind of gone with it, and really come to like what Caity Lotz has done with the character. I’d argue Sara actually has way more in common with Oliver now than Laurel. The potential of Sara’s bisexuality is a bit odd, but not really surprising considering her vaguely defined relationship with Sin and “no man shall harm another woman” shtick. It seemed from the get-go they were doing a Frank Miller’s Catwoman from Batman: Year One kind of thing with her, especially with how she looked after Sin. However, I get what you’re saying about wanting to see the classic Black Canary personality traits in whoever becomes Black Canary. We’ve disagreed in the past about whether or not Sara will actually die. I’d be curious to see what you thought of befastordontbe’s theory about Sara maybe becoming Lady Shiva thus making room for Laurel to be BC. It’s still more likely Sara simply dies, but there might be ways to keep her around.

      We both agree with what Laurel is supposed to have meant by her comment as well as why the writers had Felicity in that scene at all. Laurel and Felicity are so infrequently in the same scene together anytime they are it’s likely to receive a level of attention disproportionate to its actual significance. However, Felicity has already shown she agrees with Laurel’s opinion of secretaries, lest we forget the argument she had with Oliver earlier this season when he first gave her the new job title of Executive Assistant.

      It’s been two episodes in a row now where I thought Laurel had hit rock bottom only to be proved wrong. I hope this is it, but you might be right about them going even further. I’d missed the thing with the vial, though. I just figured it was supposed to be her reaching the pass-out stage from all the alcohol at Verdant. With that shot of the shady guy maybe there’s something more devious going on there than I initially considered.

  6. Here is where I think Oliver is trying to talk Laurel down from killing herself. The episode in question is 2.14 Time of Death, which we won’t get to see until after the Olympics.

    In regards to the cyber-bullying of both the character and actress I find that most of it comes from school aged teenagers, who have absolutely no empathy, no understanding of TV drama, and are unable to separate real life from fantasy.

    If I had only seen him on the island then I wouldn’t have liked him or seen Oliver as the Green Arrow, but luckily we get to see him in past and present day, but still he is a long way off from Green Arrow. I have total faith in Katie Cassidy’s acting ability to take the story line from lawyer to rock bottom and her rise again as the Black Canary, hopefully the scripts will get better and give appropriate screen time to explain this really important character (which they have mostly failed this season). Hoping this will improve,

  7. I can’t be the only one who sees the massive plot hole with the earthquake device which is that it is rendered completely useless if you tip it on its side and prevent it from striking the ground.

    Just my 2 cents

    1. Can’t say you’re the only one who noticed, but I can say I didn’t notice. To be honest, I never really thought about the earthquake machine in quite those terms. Maybe it’s simply way too heavy to be pushed on in its side, even, in this case, with Roy being super strong.

      1. Yeah, I love the show, but especially in the season 1 finale I just found it really annoying how they built up this devastating machine with such a simple flaw. I actually forgot how much easier Roy’s super strength would make the situation as well!

      2. It’s funny considering how much I probably overthink the other aspects of Arrow, but I never really second-guessed the Earthquake machine in that finale. To me, it was just a standard, big doomsday device. There were so many other things going on, granted all of it centered around stopping the machine. I’m looking at the finale right now on Netflix, and I guess you’re right – if it could somehow be pushed on its side that central piston stimulating the Earth would just be pumping into thin air (although maybe somehow still causing damage to nearby walls). Crisis averted. However, I think part of the reason I never second-guessed it is because it is at least a man-sized machine which appears to be made of heavy materials. So, it never occurred to me that Det. Lance should just try and push it over because that seemed like it would have no chance of succeeding without a lot of help or something heavier to tip it over. Maybe Merlyn had his people bolt it down to the ground to try and ensure it could remain steady and continue through with the process while the Earthquake it is causing results in the ground beneath it beginning to move. With the prototype used in “Tremors,” it was just in a truck, and they blew it up. I thought how that whole thing was resolved was deeply stupid, but we’ll never know if Roy could have just picked it up and thrown it away. We don’t really know how strong he’s supposed to be. If they could just have him lift something of a widely known weight that would help out a lot 🙂

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