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Geek News Alerts: Arrow Finds Its Katana, 16 Minutes of Boring Avengers: Age of Ultron Set Footage, Enchanted 2: Electric Boogaloo

Here’s the latest geek-tastic film/TV news, awesome lists, and cool info-graphs:


Avengers 2 Age of Ultron: 16 Minutes of On-Set Filming Footage with Scarlet Witch (MoviePilot)

Let’s not make more out of this than it really is: it’s just a fan-made, 16 minute video taken of Avengers: Age of Ultron doing some outdoor filming, with the fan in question clearly being quite far away from the actual set.  At one point someone who appears to be Elisabeth Olson acts in front of a green screen because, spoiler alert, The Scarlet Witch is the type of character who do can do cool crap that’ll require lots of special effects.  The rest of it is a small army of people doing set preparations before running through some kind of disaster evacuation scene with a ton of extras. Avengers: Age of Ultron is set to open May 1, 2015, at which point we can look back on this video and marvel at how boring it all looked while they were filming it yet how amazing it came out in the finished movie.

Mark Ruffalo: New ‘Hulk’ Movie Should Not Be ‘Planet Hulk’ (ScreenCrush)

Ruffalo previously revealed that Marvel maybe, kind of, sort of, then again maybe not, but probably are contemplating maybe doing another Hulk movie.  Asked about it again, he specified he’s not a fan of the “Planet Hulk” story as an idea for a movie because who wants to see Hulk dropped onto a planet of other monsters where he then basically follows the plot of Gladiator?  [POTENTIAL SPOILERS] Funny he should say that because there are rumors that Age of Ultron‘s ending will appear to set up a Planet Hulk movie, but in fact will actually set up Hulk somehow being a part of Guardians of the Galaxy 2.


Devin Aoki Sin City

‘Arrow’ Recruits Sin City’s Devin Aoki for Deadly Season 3 Role (TVLine)

She was in Sin City.  I don’t remember her.  Either way, she’s “been cast as Tatsu Yamashiro — aka Katana — a deadly, blade-wielding martial arts expert.”  Here’s the thing: Oliver is going to have a new, Hong Kong-based mentor in the season 3 flashbacks, and that mentor is going to have a wife, which is where Aoki comes in.  My gut reaction is that I will be stunned if we reach the end of the season with past Oliver having failed to add Katana to the notches on his bedpost.  Oh, Katana is an actual character from the comics, although my first reaction to that name is to think of the Mortal Kombat character.



ENCHANTED 2 Moving Forward at Disney with SHREK 2 and SMURF Writers (Collider)

Seriously, how good is Enchanted?  Imagine how silly Amy Adams must have felt on set, unsure if her Disney-princess-brought-to-life act was going to charm or simply nauseate.  What came out of it was a movie which is kind of impossible to hate, a Disney movie so self-aware but so fond of it’s source material it can appeal to Disney detractors as well as enthusiasts.  No, it’s not perfect, but it’s a gosh darn delight.

Of course, much like the Disney classics Enchanted spoofs it leaves no real obvious room for a sequel, yet Disney is going to churn one out anyway, except this one won’t likely go straight to video like the Little Mermaids 2 of old.  There was a talk of a sequel after the movie came out, but that never went anywhere.  Now, seven years later Disney has hired the guys who wrote The Rugrats Movie, Shrek 2, and both Smurfs films together to pen the screenplay, and the woman who directed Sandra Bullock’s The Proposal is attached to direct.  No word on potential story or who among the cast might be involved.



DC TV Review: The Flash & Constantine (HouseOfGeekery)
In what the internet seems to collectively regard as an intentional move by Warner Bros.-TV, the pilot episodes for Flash and Constantine have leaked online.  I previously explained what I think of pilots in general, but as uninspiring as most pilots are it’s always nicer when they’re actually at least kind of good.  HouseOfGeekery did the illegal thing for us and watched and reviewed both pilots, concluding that as far as pilots go Flash and Constantine are pretty great.  Flash is cluttered but promising while Constantine needs better supporting characters but ultimately comes off like a potential successor to Supernatural.


Out of Furnace Bale Afflec

New Netflix Instant Releases – July 2014 (ScreenCrush)

Still mourning the loss of those movies which just magically disappeared from Netflix once June turned into July?  Well, the replacements are on the way, with July bringing the likes of Bad Santa, Fever Pitch, Gandhi, Karate Kid 1-2, Mean Girls, Patton, Philadelphia, Star Trek I, VI, Homefront, and Out of the Furnace.



Who Are the Remaining Unused Marvel Characters and Could They Make a Viable Movie (IndieWire)

Because Marvel was once a poorly run business consistently teetering on the edge of bankruptcy, the film rights to its characters have been scattered to the wind over the years.  As a result, Sony has Spider-Man, Fox has X-Men and Fantastic Four, and Disney has most everything else.  Slightly more under the radar is the fact that Universal actually has the rights to Namor: The Sub-Mariner (someone, somewhere just said “Yay!” and somebody else said, “Whoa, wait, you seriously want a Namor movie?”)

So, with WB about to potentially go comic book movie crazy IndieWire looked at all Marvel characters (sorted by film studio) to find potential movie stars because if Ant-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy can get their own movies then all bets are off.  Sony?  Try Black Cat.  Fox?  Seriously, get serious about Deadpool, Gambit, and X-Force.  Marvel?  WTF is the hold-up on Black Panther and Captain Marvel?  Also, please make a Runaways – about a group of teenagers who realize their parents are all supervillains – movie.  It would be amazing.


The History of the Superhero Movie, 1978-2009 (


    1. I’m trying not to take it seriously because this is all going off of a Deadline report about people being hired to write a screenplay. When Enchanted made that much money and Frozen just re-invigorated the Disney brand of classic princesses, they’re just doing their due dilligence to spend some money to see if they can maybe squeeze out another Enchanted. However, I hope that it all results in everyone simply realizing there is no more story to be told here unless they go meta with it like 22 Jump Street (a sequel about sequels) and make it all about how awful Disney sequels are (not that I can guess how they would even be able to pull of that kind of commentary). I wouldn’t be completely stunned if this ultimately turns into a movie focusing on new characters and ends up on the Disney Channel or something.

      They could go really dark with it, like the second act of Sondheim’s Into the Woods. They won’t, though. They could also flip the script of the first film and actually have most of the film be animated with just a little live action, like Amy Adams re-visits the animated land and realizes that things have taken a crazy turn for the worse since she left (and sparked a women’s lib movement, upsetting the order of things).

      1. I have a feeling you’ve come up with much better ideas than the development people at Disney ever would. And also might be interesting to make the second movie about a prince instead of a princess. Or a regular dude becoming a prince

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