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Behold the Glory of Darkwing Duck Returns in ComicBookResources’ Fun Comic Book-Disney Mash-Ups

Every week the talented artists over at ComicBookResources post mash-up artwork based on suggestions left on the website’s Twitter account.   They’ve been doing it since 2011, and are now up to their 196th installment.  If you don’t stop yourself it can quickly turn into one of those semi-supernatural internet wormholes where you only meant to click on one link, and the next thing you know 3 days have passed and the kid you were supposed to pick up at soccer practice now looks like this:

Their latest installment has filled me with such joy I thought I’d share my favorites, the ones that if they were ever sold as a T-shirt I would feel duty bound to buy: “Team-up or mash-up a comic character with a Walt Disney character.”

The X-Men Meet Peter Pan, by Sean McFarland (link to his DeviantArt site):

XMen Peter Pan

Of course Magneto would be the one to totally take down Captain Hook.

The Inevitable Bambi-Punisher Team Up, by Marco D’Alfonso (link to his DeviantArt site):

Bambi Punisher

Mulan Makes an Interesting New Friend (Or Meets a New Foe), drawn by Rachel Ordway (link to her personal website):

Mulan Batwoman

My Personal Favorite: Let’s Get Dangerous…in Gotham City, by Nick Perks (his DeviantArt site):

Darkwing Duck Returns

They’re not the first ones to have fun with a Darkwing Duck-Dark Knight mash-up.  In fact, a couple of years ago there was an actual comic book called Darkwing Duck: The Duck Knight Returns.  It’s the same basic plot as the Frank Miller classic just with Darkwing Duck coming out of retirement, not Batman.  Plus, it probably doesn’t have Ronald Reagan around giving Superman orders.

I’ll close with one which is not actually related to this particular call for Disney-comic book mash-ups, but it’s still awesome.  Marco D’Alfonso created the Bambi-Disney mash-up, and in looking at this DeviantArt site I came across this utterly brillaint Charlie Brown-Spider-Man pairing, down to the one way it combines two iconic phrases from each property and mimics the weathered look of an old newspaper strip.


Which one is your favorite?  Let us know in the comments.

To check out the rest, head over to ComicBookResources

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