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Say Hello to DC’s Legends of Tomorrow & Finally The Explanation for Caity Lotz’ Return as Sara Lance

Updated 5/14/15

How is Arrow-Flash bringing back Caity Lotz’ Sara Lance?  Time travel!

Or at least that was the most popular theory.  Brandon Routh’s Ray “ATOM” Palmer has been set-up for his own spin-off from the get-go, but then we watched in amazement as his spin-off turned into some weird Arrow/Flash hybrid co-starring two Flash villains (played by Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell), one-half of a Flash hero (Victor Garber), an Arrow actress whose character is ever so dead at the moment (Caity Lotz), and three DC characters making their live-action debut (Arthur Darville as Rip Hunter, Ciara Renée as Hawkgirl and Franz Drameh as a mystery character).  This odd ensemble show finally has an official title, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow,* and as expected the CW is holding it back for a mid-season debut.  According to THR, The CW actually ordered Legends sight unseen.  At this point, they haven’t even filmed a pilot.  All they have is a special 3 minute video made specifically for the network upfronts presentation and this following official plot synopsis:

When heroes alone are not enough… the world needs legends. Having seen the future, one he will desperately try to prevent from happening, time-traveling rogue Rip Hunter is tasked with assembling a disparate group of both heroes and villains to confront an unstoppable threat – one in which not only is the planet at stake, but all of time itself. Can this ragtag team defeat an immortal threat unlike anything they have ever known?

We wondered and wondered how in the world were they going to bring back Caity Lotz?  Her character served as the subject of a “Who Killed Laura Palmer?”-esque murder mystery for the first half of Arrow‘s third season.  So, how is she involved in this universe anymore?  Are we talking a Lazarus Pit resurrection, parallel universe, completely new character who simply looks just like Sara, maybe brunette instead of blonde?  

Seeing Red When Doctor Who‘s Arthur Darville was cast as the time-traveling Rip Hunter, a character who’s served on the more sci-fi end of DC since 1959 and was a key plot device during Crisis on Infinite Earths, it introduced the option of Lotz playing a version of Sara from before her death because, you know, wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey and all that.  Legends of Tomorrow’s very premise centers around Rip Hunter’s time-traveling, and although the plot description does not specifically mention that he will be pulling heroes and villains from different time periods it doesn’t say he won’t be doing that.  He could pop in and pull Sara out of her timeline from the heretofore unexplored period of her life in-between Arrow‘s second and third season.  CraveOnline got to more or less ask Arrow Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim about this point blank:

Crave: You surprised everyone when you said that Caity Lotz would be back. Then you said that Rip Hunter is going to be on the show, and I think everyone is assuming that time travel is going to be involved in her return. Is there going to be more of a mystery to it than that, or is it going to be pretty direct once the show begins?

Guggenheim: I think what you’ll discover is there’s a fair amount of the story that’s going to be told in both Flash and Arrow prior to the premiere of Legends. Not all your questions may get answered in Legends. It may get answered in one of the two shows.

So, does that mean Arrow is going to resurrect Sara prior to Legends of Tomorrow?  Or Barry’s pesky time-travelling will do it on The Flash?  Have our choices been whittled down to Lazarus Pit, time travel or maybe even a parallel universe?

Actually, we can stop guessing because the answer is Lazarus Pit, as revealed in the new Legends of Tomorrow trailer:

Of course, we still don’t know when exactly Sara will be revived in the Lazarus Pit as the White Canary, but hopefully it happens during Arrow season 4 thus giving Sara a chance to deal with any residual drama with her family and friends before hightailing it to Legends.

As for the rest of the show, um…this thing looks positively insane, and why on Earth didn’t they just let Arthur Darville use his remarkably charming normal accent?  At least we know that Vandall Savage will be the villain, who is actually a character I’ve never encountered in the comics before but clearly remember as a mastermind villain on the animated series Young Justice:

Vandal_SavageThe pushback against the entire idea of Legends of Tomorrow to this point is that it seems a tad too slap-dash, evidence of a group of producers taking their eye from the prize and letting franchise opportunities distract them from how bad Arrow has become.  Plus, Arrow is the Batman knock-off, The Flash is the Richard Donner Superman homage, but what’s the obvious model for Legends of Tomorrow?  Some weird marriage of Doctor Who and 12 Monkeys?  Either way, the official plot and trailer make it seem far more like a special event limited series than something truly designed for the long haul, but it will bring Caity Lotz back to us and feature Arthur Darville playing a time traveller (What would Amy Pond say?)!  How can I not at least be a little interested to see that?

Source: THR

*Adding “DC’s” in front of Legends of Tomorrow immediately draws to mind how Agents of SHIELD‘s official full title is actually Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD.


  1. The ending was weak, but I guess Oliver wants to at least leave one season with the girl. With so many in the series, it was hard to keep up, then when Ray Palmer comes into the episodes, I was actually happy for her. Ray was sweet, kind, a “gentle”man, totally in love with weird IT Felicity. He got her, her moods, actions, comments, work, helping others, etc., working dual positions…He was the best. The scene when he opens his car door for her to get in, OMGosh…Such a great friend, boss, work buddy, really good looking man from any standpoint, goofy, fun, excellent dinner date, friend with a wonderful understanding of Felicity, the woman. I was hopin for a more serious relationship between Ray and Felicity.
    Oliver Ollie is weird, too many issues from the past five years, conceited, a bit arrogant, handsome, everything in a guy, but he connects at the end after screwing around with three different women! I wish Thea had gotten better, Roy was a good guy. Digger, so happy for him and Lila. Glad, their evil mom is gone, loved their English stepdad, unnecessarily hurt, and feel sorry for Laurel. He led her on, and was an absolute cad about it. Laurels sister was just a spoiled brat, throwing her weight atound.

    The shortest Super Hero anyway, always putting out that lip to look tough. Spitfire okay, but she was made out to be a trap going on a trip with her sister Laurel’s boyfriend and his father? Who does that??? Sorry Arrow followers, but it’s okay she’s gone. Lastly, Toy, such a cool friend, helper, worker in Theas’s club, but he truly loved Thea, until he couldn’t get over the guilt of killing, a cop. Great guy for Thea, looking out for her. Baby Sara…Absolute adorable.Lila, a good mom, understanding and loyal wife.

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