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I’m Quitting The Flash

Cold hard facts: I don’t love The Flash the way I used to, and that probably shows in the quality of my recent episode reviews. As a result, the average readership for those reviews is down to a third of what it used to be. So, rather than continue on like I have been out of routine I’ve decided to stop reviewing The Flash. Even as I write this I am watching tonight’s episode, “The Once and Future Flash,” and…it’s fine. Really, it is (well, not so much future-Barry’s terrible wig). But I’d much rather be watching something on Netflix. I already know from several readers that they quit Flash quite a while ago, finally fed up with the show’s continued mistreatment of its female characters and ongoing insistence that everyone bend over backward to fawn over Barry.

More than that, it’s just never made sense for me to be writing weekly reviews of Arrow and Flash on a site called, particularly once I started reviewing all manner of movies, not just the comic book ones and blockbusters. However, I kept it up because I genuinely liked the shows, but as I look at Flash season 3 I see a lot of me simply making the same complaints over and over again – the Killer Frost storyline makes no sense, the time travel logic is too illogical, I don’t care who Savitar is just like I didn’t care about Teddy Sears last season, eye roll at yet another “just run faster than the other guy, Barry” moment, must someone on the show always be hiding a secret from everyone else for no good reason?, etc.

The show can’t stop repeating itself and has gone downhill as a result, but it’s also that my tastes have simply changed. I’m all for fun, lighthearted TV shows, but there are so many other genre TV shows out there which have more depth to them than The Flash. SyFy’s Killjoys, Lost Girl, and Wynonna Earp, for example, are monumentally silly-sounding shows on paper, and all three of them have a fraction of the budget (and viewership) of a normal Flash episode. However, through binge-watching those shows over the past couple of months I’ve been reminded that silly and enjoyable doesn’t have to mean dumb and mindlessly repetitive. It can also be deceptively deep, clever in ways you wouldn’t expect, engagingly progressive (see the #WayHaught relationship on Wynonna Earp, pro-sex message of Lost Girl) and casually, but powerfully feminist with female protagonists who kick serious ass and never stay behind to simply tell the male hero through an earpiece “[Technobabble, technobabble]” or “Run, Barry, run!”

Flash, on the other hand, is ultimately a family-friendly Silver Age comic come to life and told through a Greg Berlanti prism where everything is big and bright and desperately lacking in nuance. I truly loved it for a good long while, but…yeah, I’m out.

To those who’ve stuck with me, thank you and I apologize for throwing in the towel now. If you’re disappointed in my decision and actually like where Flash is going right now please let me know in the comments. As a bitter-ender, I’ll likely drop back in on the show in a couple of weeks to see how all of the season 3 storylines resolve. If something insane happens I might be moved to write about it. For now, it’s time to move on.

At least we’ll always have that heartbreaking season 1 finale:

And I imagine I’ll occasionally look back on this Cyrano-esque literal blind date scene from season 2 and smile:


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  1. You need to keep going with Flash. I rely on your reviews as do others to determine whether we should tune in or not. If u dont like it we dont watch which damages viewing figures wbich mAkes studios do something. Now i have to watch it to see for myself ic it is getting better or not.

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