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Trailer Watch: Deadpool 2 & Jessica Jones

At this point, I’m beginning to think Deadpool 2’s marketing strategy is going to be more entertaining than the actual movie. There’s been a video of Deadpool utterly failing an attempted Christopher Reeve Superman impression. Then we saw him doing his best Bob Ross, painting happy little trees while also getting high on the fumes. Over the weekend, “Deadpool” live-tweeted the Super Bowl to predictably profane results, and yesterday Ryan Reynolds released a new Flashdance-parodying Deadpool 2 poster. Now, today brings us the teaser trailer officially introducing Josh Brolin’s version of Cable. This time around, there’s actually a whole helping of genuine movie footage, but there’s also 30 seconds of just Deadpool playing with Deadpool and Cable action figures like some kind of superhero YouTuber. He even works in a hilarious Toy Story reference in the process.

That’s an awful lot of non-movie footage in promotional material that’s meant to be promoting a mere movie. It leaves me more enamored with the marketing than the actual movie because it’s all just so unusual, an outgrowth of Ryan Reynolds’s social media savvy and ongoing effort to simply own the internet. Even as far back as when Honest Trailers did their thing for the first Deadpool film, Reynolds popped by as Deadpool to bicker with the movie trailer voice guy. Now, he’s rewriting the rules of movie marketing but in ways that only real make sense when your franchise is built around a self-aware, fourth-wall-breaking jokester.

As for the movie itself, well, there remains the little matter of “someone died during the making of this thing.” Which is a level of reality not even Deadpool would want to or probably even should reference. So, we’re mostly talking about quick action shots here and there, glimpses at the new characters, drop-ins with the old, and an emphasis on attitude and crude jokes over plot:

I wonder how hard they had to fight the impulse to use this particular teaser to actively poke fun at the following oddness: we’re getting Josh Brolin in two different comic book movies in the same exact month. His mo-capped Thanos will continue his search for the best glove in the galaxy in Avengers: Infinity War (because, really, Thanos is just a giant fashionista) at the start of May. Two weeks later, his time-traveling mutant Cable will do a buddy cop thing in Deadpool 2.

However, the comic book gods could not let Deadpool 2 have this day to itself. Marvel also released the first full story trailer for Jessica Jones: Season 2, which will see Jessica searching for answers about her past and confronting a rival spy and his attempted hostile takeover of Alias Investigations. Plus, yeah, the best part of the first season is coming back in a big way.

I refer, of course, to Jessica’s BFF Trish Walker, the once and future Hellcat. She’s going to start tearing some shit up herself this season. Awesome.

Wait. Who did you think I meant? What, Killgrave? But that doesn’t make any sense. Spoiler from last season: that dude’s dead. Why would he be back?

So…huh. Guess they already announced David Tennant was coming back, like six months ago. So, him being hinted at in the trailer isn’t actually a surprise? Well, shut my mouth.

Deadpool 2 opens May 18th; Jessica Jones: Season 2 drops on Netflix on March 8th.


  1. This may sound callous but the death of a stunt person through sloppiness seems less infamous than the collective #metoo and #timesup of Weinstein/Woody Allen/Roman Polanski/Tarantino/Bret Ratner rape.

    1. Guess Deadpool 2 has the double whammy. There’s the wrongful death which occurred on set, and then there’s a co-star (T.J. Miller) who has been accused of sexual assault but won’t be written/cut out of the movie. So, really, there are two major things that Deadpool probably won’t talk about because there are limits to how far his meta can go.

      1. Geez. How hard can it be to reshoot the TJ Miller scenes? Ridley Scott set a precedent getting rid of Kevin Spacey.

        Miller wasn’t that memorable or have that many scenes in Deadpool 1. His character was really only there as support to explain things while they get the origin story kickstarted.

        As a comparison of a support character that didn’t return for the sequel: Rupert Evans in Hellboy 1 had more to do.

      2. Deadpool already has several comic relief sidekicks. In fact, pretty much everyone around him is a comic relief sidekick of some sort. Miller’s character isn’t exactly unique, then, and he has sort of served his purpose, narratively.

        So, I get what you’re saying.

        But, I dunno, the Kevin Spacey thing ballooned so fast and turned into a Weinstein-esque tale of systematic abuse over years upon years. TJ Miller’s story hasn’t been quite as extreme. Granted, he has lost his deal as Mucinex spokesperson, but he’s denied and his wife has defended him. On the scale of Hollywood scumbags, the allegations against him don’t quite rise to Spacey/Weinstein level, which on a practical PR level makes it harder for a studio to know what to do.

        Is there a zero tolerance policy of “once accused, no matter the details or how few or how many people you’ve been accused by your ass is out of the movie no matter what?” Or is there “well, let’s see how it plays out it the courts and on social media” before doing anything”?

        Deadpool 2 ultimately decided to do nothing…for now. Remember, Spacey was taken out of his movie just 6 weeks before the release date. We’ve still got 4 months to go until Deadpool 2’s release. So, yeah, there’s still plenty of time for them to reverse course and simply cut him out of the movie if need be.

        Situations like this one are exactly why Hollywood is now inserting morality clauses into contracts:

  2. I’m seriously hoping they’ll include funny non-movie parts in the actual movie. I love that Bob Ross trailer! That was hilarious. Also they could probably squeeze in a li’l Thanos reference there as well. After the first movie, I think the only surefire thing to do is for Deadpool to be more Python-esque and the worst way to go is for it to be just a bigger superhero action movie, with more characters and more jokes. It has to be crazier than the first.

    They could probably cut TJ Miller totally or reduce his screen time, then let Deadpool make a funny explanation for his absence, something like he misbehaved or something.

    1. “After the first movie, I think the only surefire thing to do is for Deadpool to be more Python-esque and the worst way to go is for it to be just a bigger superhero action movie, with more characters and more jokes. It has to be crazier than the first.”

      Completely agreed. I mean, it still has to be a movie, and Ryan can’t just be talking to the camera the entire time and undercutting everything. However, exactly as you said the worst thing they could do would be to simply go bigger and more expensive.

      And, also as you said, unless TJ Miller’s character was in store for a huge uptick in face time this time around he could surely be cut around. After All the Money in the World, we know they can do it if they want to, unless Miller’s character somehow plays into lots of expensive action scenes which can’t be re-filmed as easily as the more traditional dramatic elments of All the Money…

    2. “I’m seriously hoping they’ll include funny non-movie parts in the actual movie.”

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Deadpool 2 actually opens with a video from Deadpool talking to the audience about the movie, kind of one last gasp of “watch Deadpool be funny” before “okay – we have to actually put him into some kind of story now.” Maybe call back to the first Deadpool’s marketing and have him simply in a chair in front of a fire like an old children’s TV host about to read us a story and then just go apeshit with it before cueing up the actual movie. More than that, that could be something they could do on the fly and add in super-late to maybe allow Ryan Reynolds the time to see Infinity War and crack a plot-specific joke about Thanos. Then again, maybe that last part is a terrible idea. It would instantly date the movie.

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