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My Disney/Pixar Bracket – And Coco for the Win

Oh, Twitter user @smjxmj, what hath thou wrought with this Disney/Pixar bracket? Friendships ended. Arguments had. Blood spilled. Words wasted. How are, really, to choose between the best of Disney and the best of Pixar? And how ever shall we be friends again after seeing that you apparently like Cars 3 better than Coco are?

Just for the record: It’s total bullshit that Wreck-It Ralph didn’t make the bracket. It would have seriously – wait for it – wrecked my bracket if it had been on there.

You get the idea. This guy put this bracket up on Twitter, filled it out (his personal winner was Monsters, Inc.), and said, simply, “Let’s discuss.” The internet then did the internet thing and much discussion/disagreement ensued, understandably so. We’re not just talking about some of the best, most honored animated films of all time; we’re talking about the things we watched non-stop growing up. Little girls of a certain age will never forget “Let It Go” and Frozen just as adults of a certain age will never forget “Be Our Guest” and Beauty and the Beast. Parents who have to hear those movies in the background all the time will similarly never forget, but that’s neither here nor there.

I’ve previously shared my personal ranking of Pixar’s entire catalog, at which point my top 3 consisted of Toy Story 2, Toy Story, and Inside Out. But a funny thing has happened since then: I’ve had to sit with Coco for a couple more months and see if my love for it grew or dissipated over time. Turns out, it grew big time because it came out as the champion of my own bracket, beating Little Mermaid, a film I admit is probably more wrapped up in nostalgia in my mind than any real critical assessment of its worth. Also, I have more admiration for love than some of the other Disney classics like Lion King.

What does your bracket look like?

Source: io9.com

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