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Avengers: Endgame Trailer Reaction

Ever since Captain Marvel came out, my niece and nephew have been playing “superhero” nearly non-stop. Last night they came over to bring me their homemade version of Thor’s hammer. It’s just an empty kleenex box attached to a paper towel tube, covered by an obscene amount of duck tape. They made it entirely on their own and gifted it to me so that I might someday join in their “superhero” game and be their Thor.

What does this have to do with the new Avengers: Endgame trailer?

I’m getting to that.

Get to it faster. Because, newsflash, everyone with a Facebook account thinks their kids or nieces or nephews or whatever are the cutest things in the world. They’re not!

(Clutches imaginary pearls)

So, as I was saying, they want me to be their Thor. I humbly agreed, but I had to warn them of the following: after Endgame, Thor might not even be a character in the movies anymore. In fact, Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, Hulk, and Hawkeye…along with Thor…could all be on their way out. I’ve told them this before, of course, but they’re kids – iron traps, their memories are not.

Confronted with this not-really-new-but-let’s-go-with-it new information, they looked horrified. So, I asked them to choose which of those characters they’d miss the most and which they’d miss the least. Predictably, there was a consensus pick for the latter category:

Sayonara, Hawkeye. I’m not even sure my niece fully knows who he is.

As for who they might miss the most, not Cap. Not Iron Man. Not even Hulk. Nope, the nephew said Thor (Ragnarok is in his MCU top 5) and the niece said, Captain Marvel.

She’s 6. She didn’t understand the question.

When re-assured Captain Marvel isn’t going anywhere, she did a little dance. After that, she claimed Black Widow would be her most-missed character. (She pretty much only cares about the female characters, btw. It’s a big reason why she’s not interested in Shazam! – does a girl have even a single line of dialogue in the trailer?) Again, when I admitted, actually, Black Widow has her own solo movie in the works, the niece did another little dance before I could use my nerd voice to explain, “Technically, it might be a prequel meaning she still could, but probably won’t die in Endgame.”

I didn’t say that. I just let her dance.

Are you still talking about those kids? When are we getting to the fireworks factory Avengers: Endgame trailer?

Oh, you mean this trailer:

I opened with my little anecdote because we are all soon going to be in the same exact position as my niece and nephew were last night, forced to choose which characters we’re going to miss the most and which ones we’ll hardly notice are gone. As the – and yes, I’m finally getting to it – Avengers: Endgame trailer goes to great lengths to point out, these are all characters who have experienced loss – Thor and Odin, Cap and Peggy Carter, Hawkeye and his daughter, Ant-Man and his entire family. To finally live up to their name and avenge the lost friends and loved ones who can no longer fight for themselves, Cap, Nat, and the crew will do “whatever it takes,” even if that means dying so that their friends might live.

Cue hero shot set to Alan Silvestri’s Avengers score.

Cue title card.

I love the way the “Endgame” part of the title starts out as floating ash from Thanos’ snappening.

Send them out on a joke.

Count Thor among Captain Marvel’s fans.

It’s almost like the Marvel marketing folks have this movie trailer formula down. They’re damn good at it.

Now, the internet does its little dance of obsessing over every frame. Like, why does Black Widow’s hair seem to change in every single scene in the trailer? How do Iron Man and Nebula end up back on Earth? Why are they doing their best The Right Stuff impression at the end? Is that them preparing to go into space…or into the quantum realm? Where could they possibly be fighting that Ant-Man ends up climbing up the side of a pencil eraser? How much should we read into the fact that only Cap, Iron Man, and Thor have scenes from their older movies revisited in the trailer?

And how many times do you think Rocket has tried to barter for or flat out steal a part of War Machine’s armor?

Plus, what about the stuff we don’t see? Like, where’s Hulk? Or Okoye? How does all of this prove or disprove that [insert one of seemingly thousands of fan theories] about how it’s all going to end?

The one certainty in all of his, however, is that it will end. Infinity War’s general plot may have ultimately proved to be somewhat predictable based on the trailers, but few guessed Marvel’s version of an Empire Strikes Back ending would be as severe as “half the universe is now dead.” Now, the common expectation is Endgame will simply undo all of that and kill or write off those contract-expired characters we expected to perish in Infinity War. That makes it seem as if Endgame ultimately has less of a chance to surprise us than Infinity War.

Yet, I like that based on the trailers which have been released so far I really don’t know what’s going to happen in this movie. The endgame of, well, Endgame seems clear – the OG Avengers save the universe and not all of them make it out alive.

I don’t want to know any more than that. I don’t want to be spoiled. If time travel proves crucial to beating Thanos, I want to find that out April 26th. If all the presumed dead are just hanging out in the Soul Stone with wee little Gamora, hit me with that April 26th, no sooner. And if this is all culminates with literally every Marvel hero, even Hank Pym and the original Wasp, back, alive and pretty much crushing Thanos en masse, don’t give me that shot until…you can see where I’m going with it.

Thankfully, Marvel has complied. The trailers have been light on spoilers, heavy on “get ready for some more heartbreak” messaging. Soon enough, when my niece and nephew play “superhero” they might have an entirely new group of Avengers to choose from. However, I imagine they’ll still ask me to use their homemade hammer and be Thor. My nephew will still use his homemade shield to be Captain America. And my niece will still be a little Carol Danvers.

Because these characters have endured for decades in the comics and will continue to do so long after they’ve been killed or written off in the movies. The next generation is on its way, and Endgame is shaping up to be a long goodbye to the old. I can’t wait to see how exactly it all plays out.

Wild prediction: It all ends in a dance-off for the Infinity Gauntlet, and the Avengers are about to win due to Scott Long’s crazy dance moves…

…until Ronan somehow emerges from the Soul Stone to warn Thanos, “Don’t fall it for it. They tried this on me one time. It’s a trap!”

What do you think of the trailer? What are some of your actual predictions for what might happen in the movie? Who, among those who might not make it past Endgame, will you most the most? Least? Let me know in the comments.


  1. As a kid i never read a comic book, my cousin tried for years to get me to watch a marvel movie, I finally watched the first X men movie 2 weeks before X men last stand came to theaters, I went back and watched X men United, then went to the movies and watched last stand, and now i’m a obsessed with everything marvel and DC,I watched every X men, iron man, thor , avengers whatever they made I watched… now I watch the cartoons, and I down load the comics to my phone… i’m new to blogging.. but your blog is my favorite and I read your blog more than any…I appreciate the effort you put into it… marvel and DC movies is one of my favorite topics to talk about when blogging or standing in line at a store

    1. It’s even worse with me…I grew up on European comics, the only connection I had to the Marvel and DC stuff at all where the few TV shows I decided to watch (emphasis on few), and when the first “wave” of Superhero movies happened, I was all “eh” about it. And, to be honest, I didn’t even pay attention when the MCU launched. I outright missed the excitement of the first years. And then they got to me during Phase 2.

      I suspect a LOT of MCU fans are actually like me.

    2. Thank you for the compliments, and thank you for sharing your own story. I’m sort of in a similar boat as you, at least when it comes to the comic book movies and TV shows.

      I grew up in the age of the Michael Keaton Batman movies and Batman: The Animated Series on Fox. However, there was still such a stigma back then on comic books….only losers read those kinds of things, it’s all child’s play, etc. That kind of stuff. Plus, to a lesser degree, the convoluted continuity of just about every major comic book seemed so intimidating. Sadly, I wasn’t brave enough to overcome that. So, much as I enjoyed the Batman movies and cartoons I rarely ever dipped my toes into comic books. I read hand-me downs copies of A Death in the Family, early Venom stuff, a Child Play’s tie-in, and that was it.

      The first comic book I ever bought on my own was a special Terminator 2: Judgement Day tie-in comic that I just had to read because it depicted certain scenes that weren’t in the movie. That used to be a thing back in the day – official novelizations or comic book tie-ins would be based on earlier versions of the film script and thus contain scenes the directed either filmed and cut or never even filmed at all. Considering this was before Laserdisc and DVDs made “Deleted Scenes” mandatory inclusions with any home video release, this was the only way to…

      I’m getting way off topic.

      Point being: Like you, I didn’t grow up a comic book fan, and I carried over a lot of those stigmas from my youth into adulthood. I would watch some of the cartoons, Batman movies, old Superman movies, and Smallville, but I was almost ashamed of it. Periodically, I’d have one of those “surely I’m too old for this stuff by now” moments, but every time I did some movie would come along to remind me of why I love the genre – the first two X-Men films, Spider-Man 2, Batman Begins, Iron Man, X-Men: First Class, etc.

      Now that I have some kids in my life I’m trying to pass on the love, and it’s cool that they never have to worry about any kind of stigma. Surely that ship sailed once these movies started cracking a billion worldwide.

      I started this blog as, per the title, a general film blog. Pretty quickly, it started morphing into more of a geek-leaning spot where I would do these insanely long Arrow recap/reviews or listicles or stories about comic book and/or comic book movie history. Lately, I’ve expanded to writing a lot more about horror movies, old B-Movies, and the like. I no longer feel compelled to watch and share my opinion about every single comic book TV show, for example. There’s just so many of them, and they’re not always my thing. However, I have Doom Patrol on my radar, and it’s a guarantee that whenever there’s a big new comic book movie I’ll write about it.

      So, thanks for reading, and I look forward to seeing how your blogging goes.

      1. Yeeess indeeeed yeah…Your right on point when you say we are in the same boat, the batman animated series was part of my child hood growing up, as soon as I would get off of the school bus I was watching batman, we had that same stigma round my way to.. me and my cousin still have this debate every time a part 3 of a marvel or dc movie comes out, I say the dark knight trilogy is the best marvel or dc trilogy ever made, he always challenge me on that, but I stand by that, but the first comic book I ever read was the walking dead comics issue 1 through 96 compressed into one heavy book, i’m a fan of the tv show, of course the comics is better, but yeaahh I feel ya on that..I love horror movies and b movies also, when I get suggestions from people about movies I watch them, no matter how awful it is i have to watch it too the credits

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