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Watch This: The News Team Re-Assembles in Trailer for Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

There is finally a full-length trailer for Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, which revisits the characters in a 1980s setting and is due out at domestically on December 20, 2013.   If you liked the […]

Dwarves, Elves, Lots of Walking, and Maybe a Dragon: Check Out the New Hobbit Trailer

UPDATE: Desolation of Smaug is now out.  It’s pretty exactly the movie we thought it would be, for better or worse – more of the latter, really.  Check out our review here. — Despite the […]

Watch This: General Zod & Superman Square Off in the Action-Filled Final Trailer for Man of Steel

Henry Cavill, the new Superman in the upcoming Christopher Nolan/Zack Snyder reboot of the film franchise, told Empire Magazine (as reported over at that “there is more action in Man of Steel than any […]

Check it out! Everyone’s Favorite Astral Projection Movie has Gotten a Sequel!

I seriously doubt anyone expected the 2011 horror film, Insidious, to become the most profitable film of 2011 (comparing budget with actual gross), but it ended up becoming the little horror film that could, grossing […]

Watch This: Hilarious Animated Video Explores How Iron Man 3 Should Have Ended

It was with an unexpected bit of arrogance that I first viewed’s new video for Iron Man 3.  After all, just this week I had made yet another list of jokes about Iron Man […]

Watch This: Addiction to Pornography & Romantic Comedies in First Trailer for Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Don Jon

UPDATED: 8/15/2013-There’s a second trailer out there now.  It has been added to the bottom of this post. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who for years was mostly known as the long-haired Tommy Solomon from 3rd Rock from […]

Watch This: General Zod & A Mountain of Skulls in New Man of Steel Trailer

As if to flip a Kryptonian-sized middle finger to 20th Century Fox who just released a new trailer for Wolverine (which some like; we did not), Warner Bros. has released the final trailer for Man […]

So, There’s a New Wolverine Trailer: Let’s Try to Show Some Excitement, Shall We?

Near the end of the new trailer for the upcoming summer, superhero extravaganza that is The Wolverine, one can hear the line “sometimes eternity can be a curse” uttered by someone who I’m certain wishes […]

Watch This: Richard Curtis Does the Groundhog Day Thing as Sci-Fi in Trailer for About Time

On the topic of romantic comedies, Mindy Kaling once argued in The New Yorker the genre should be thought of as “a subgenre of sci-fi, in which the world operates according to different rules than […]

Distinctive Soundtrack, Quirky Narrative Touches, and John Goodman? Must be Time for a New Coen Brothers Movie

Last time we heard anything from the quirky, critical darlings the Coen Brothers, they had written the critically maligned “comedy” caper, Gambit. Well, now they’re hoping you’ll put that unpleasantness aside and remember that they […]