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Top 10 Episodes of Star Trek: The Original Series

Let’s face the facts. Lists of  the best episodes of television, movies, novels, Broadway musicals, burgers and fries- you name it- are completely subjective and irrelevant. Favorites, especially pop-culture favorites, are in constant states of […]

12 American Literary Classics Which Need Entirely Unnecessary 3D Films

Last night, director Baz Lurhmann was asked by Stephen Colbert on The Colbert Report why on Earth his new Great Gatsby film is in 3D.  Based on Lurhmann’s rather cagey response, in that he completely […]

Nitpicking Iron Man 3 – The 8 Things That Bothered Us

I’ve been talking about Iron Man on this site for a week now.  I’ve reviewed the film, compared the films to the comic books, and stepped back in awe at the record-breaking box office figures.  Fellow WeMinoredInFilm writer […]

The Many Failed Comedy Central Sketch Shows Plus the Handful That Did Well

Historically speaking, to watch anything not named South Park or feature Jon Stewart either as host (The Daily Show) or producer (Colbert Report) on Comedy Central is to knowingly give your time away to something […]

Jarvis Is An Actual Person & 5 Other Differences Between the Iron Man Films and Comic Books

Robert Downey Jr. is Iron Man.  The character exists in comic books and various animated television shows and direct-to-video films, but as far as we’re concerned Tony Stark just ain’t Tony Stark unless he’s played […]

The Top 5 WTF! Moments from Bates Motel So Far

Sometimes something happens in a television show which leaves you bemused or incredulous and asking, perhaps while laughing, “WTF!”  Perhaps no show on television right now traffics in this territory more than the crazy-town bonkers […]

Kryptonite & 9 Other Popular Parts of the Superman Story We Owe to Film, Radio, and Television

Thursday was Superman’s 75 year anniversary. As such, we thought it would be fun to look at story elements popularly associated with Superman which originated in film, television, and radio. Superman had real possibilities from […]

As Wichita Falls – A History of References to the Town of Wichita, KS in Popular Culture

A seven nation army couldn’t hold Jack White back from going there.  Of course, Johnny Cash had already been there among many, many other places.  A cute, redhead zombie apocalypse survivor was from there.  John […]

Those Cartoon Network Shows Recently Added to Netflix? Start With These 9

Clearly deciding our collective productivity needed to take a huge hit, Netflix added at least 33 Cartoon Network shows to its Instant Streaming catalog last Saturday.  There are now a LOT of all-ages cartoons as […]

The Wit of Tyrion Lannister: Peter Dinklage’s Best Lines from Games of Thrones

As his interview on last night’s episode of The Daily Show indicated, Peter Dinklage is a rock star in a diminutive actor’s body.  His public persona is of an individual constantly too cool for whatever […]