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Top 10 Episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise

To make most Star Trek fans squirm you need only plaintively sing, in your best impression of latter-era Rod Stewart at his worst, “It’s been a looong roaaad [pause] getting from there to here.”  That, […]

8 Things You Learn About Star Trek From Eugene Roddenberry’s Documentary Trek Nation

In 2009, the Science Channel premiered the documentary Trek Nation from Eugene Roddenberry, the son of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry.  The two big bullet point takeaways from the film at the time of its premiere […]

What Author Elmore Leonard Said About Justified, Jackie Brown & Some of His Other Film/TV Adaptations

American novelist Elmore Leonard, a.k.a., the guy who wrote the stories the FX show Justified is based on, died today at the age of 87.  The cause of death has not been reported yet, but […]

8 Sad Truths You Realize When Re-Watching Quantum Leap

It is hard to hate Quantum Leap, the NBC sci-fi series which debuted in 1989 and was canceled in 1993 after completing its fifth season.  The show is so utterly well-meaning, following the lovably gee-whiz […]

Top 10 Episodes of Star Trek: Voyager

Star Trek: Voyager premiered on the now-defunct UPN 18 years ago this past January.  It was a show of several firsts for Star Trek, the first to feature a female captain (Kate Mulgrew’s Catherine Janeway) […]

Top 10 Episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Twenty years ago this past January, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine premiered to the confusion of most Star Trek fans.  There was no multi-year mission to explore space and encounter new civilizations nor was there […]

4 Horrifying Implications of the Saved by the Bell Universe

I wish I could claim that I never watched Saved by the Bell, the NBC Saturday morning sitcom that put forth such wholesome, reality-based conceits as having glasses makes you unattractive to guys (thanks for […]

The Ones That Came Back: 15 TV Shows Which Were Revived (5 We Liked, 10 We Didn’t Know About)

Sometimes, you just can’t keep a dead TV show down because eventually it’ll just seem easier and more agreeable to a network executive’s ear to simply revive an old TV show instead of make a […]

The History of DC Comics’ The Flash on TV (Live-Action and Animation)

Based upon longevity, cross-platform popularity, and cultural penetration (film, TV, comics), D.C. Comics is thought of as having three iconic characters: Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. So, where does that put The Flash?  He’s been […]

The Way, Way Back, Fruitvale Station, Ain’t Them Bodies Saints & 7 Other New or Upcoming Cures to the Summer Movie Blues

Tired of this especially long-seeming Summer of big budget blockbusters in which collectively countless skyscrapers have fallen, untold millions have perished, and logic and emotional catharsis seem to continually take the day off?  Heck, it’s […]