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Anticipating Season 2 of Arrow: Have They Already Spoiled Too Much?

Has there been any other show this summer which has been as masterful at dominating the internet news cycle in-between seasons as the CW’s Arrow?  Well, not to answer my own question, but the question would be a rather loud “no.”  The first season ended with a literal bang, establishing the show’s universe as one in which the hero can very much so fail on an epic scale.  So, it went into its offseason with considerable buzz, which its stars and producers/writers have been experts at maintaining mostly by periodically releasing spoilers for the new season every couple of weeks.  There have arguably been more spoilers released in relation to Arrow‘s upcoming season than for any other network show returning for a new season this fall.  We’ve covered a lot of those stories right here at [SPOILER WARNING]:

Flash Arrow

  • 7/30: The comic book character Barry Allen is being introduced as a recurring character in season 2 with aims of spinning him off into a show centered around his superhero life as The Flash, a spin-off which would take several of Arrow‘s Executive Producers with it.
  • 7/21: The second season will see the return of Kelly Hu as China White, who will apparently be working with two new villains, Bronze Tiger and Sebastian Blood, in a possible TV version of the comic book group of mercenary villains known as the Suicide Squad.
the black canary
Maybe she’ll be Black Canary someday, but Katie Cassidy’s Laurel is going to have to learn from Caity Lotz’ version of Black Canary this new season first.
  • 7/19: The second season will introduce a proto-version of Black Canary who is not Katie Cassidy’s Laurel Lance, but if you care to know they’ve decided “why wait?” and revealed the identity of who will be assuming the identity of Black Canary.


  • 7/11: The second season will introduce Summer Glau as the villainous character form the comics Isabel Rochev, thus a potential big bad for the season.

Plus, earlier interviews revealed there would be a 5-month time jump in-between seasons, Colton Haynes’ Roy Harper has been upgraded to series regular status as has Manu Bennett’s Slade Wilson, and Paul Blackthorne’s (a name I will never tire of typing and/or saying) Detective Lance will have been demoted in the police force as a result of his vigilante-related actions in the season finale.

Honestly, after all that we stopped paying attention because we still want there to be surprises left unspoiled for the upcoming season.  My introduction to Arrow was by marathoning its first 7 or so episodes on Hulu before switching over to watching the episodes the night they aired, and my site co-writer, Julianne, held off to simply marathon the entire first season over the course of a week this past June.  That seemed to be the optimal viewing method, and even though I intend to watch it every week this season rather than waiting to marathon I kind of hate that I know so much already.  Of course, the world is playing its sarcastic violin for me right now, I know.  As fans, we can always just not pay attention to the spoilers, but this the first time I’ve been in that position where I’ve also had a website like this one where we like to cover the news as well as offer our opinions.

However, the news cycle has just kept churning thanks to the interview/Twitter-happy executive producers.  They’ve hinted that Felicity and Oliver are going to have a conversation very early on about her feelings for him, and that she will subsequently get a love interest of her own.  More recently, casting information leaked that the DC character Amanda Waller (think of her as being D.C.’s Nick Fury) is joining the cast in a recurring fashion, the League of Assassins from the Batman comics will factor in the new season with Homeland’s Nevad Negahban playing a related character, Bex Taylor-Klaus has been cast to play the D.C. comic book character Sin for a couple of episodes, and D.C. heroes Atom and Metamorpho might factor into the new season as well (all stories from

Fan fervor is such that even a simple character poster for the upcoming season was a huge conversation starter, e.g., what does it mean that Felicity is placed by Oliver’s side while Laurel is relegated to the background.

Heck, in the time since I started writing this article news broke that we might shortly be hearing who they cast to play Barry Allen.

Of course, their PR campaign for the show this summer has completely worked on me.  Even if I wish I didn’t know so much and may worry that the show is starting to sound seriously over-stuffed, I cannot wait for the new season to arrive on October 9th.   What about you?  What do you think of the new trailer?  Any part of the season you are most excited about?

Here is the Comic-Con trailer which also features season 2 footage:

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