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The Best Fictional Workplaces From Movies – An Infographic

More than one in five U.S. employees are determined to leave their current place of employment at some point during 2016. So says CareerBuilder. 58% of employed adults in the U.S. are at least looking at other job opportunities on a monthly basis, according to Indeed. Oh really? Gallup found that number to be closer to 51%.

So, basically, half of us are at least daydreaming about new jobs, and a fifth of us are going to do more than daydream about it. What better time, then, to look at a lighthearted infographic breaking down the pros and cons of some fictional workplaces from films? After all, apparently at least half of us are weighing the pros and cons of real workplaces. Maybe an assessment of Alien‘s Weyland-Yutani Corporation will put things in perspective. Maybe not. It’s not like real workplaces list “death by xenomorph” among the cons.

Either way, this infographic comes to use from, and it was emailed to me by Terri Hart. According to their blog, they used the following criteria for which workplaces to include:

  1. The company had to be a significant part of the movie (not just a place where a character worked)
  2. There has to be a clear corporate structure shown in the movie
  3. We needed to believe that the company was sufficiently iconic
  4. We had to have enjoyed the movie

However, they could only fit in so many, which is why Bushwood Country Club from Caddyshack isn’t on here. My favorite part of the whole thing? The picture of Prometheus‘ David under the con “Unpredictable Androids” for Weyland-Yutani. Ideally, I should suggest some movie workplaces they left out, but for some reason the only thing that comes to mind is Cyberdyne Systems from Terminator 1-3, but I think that’s less iconic than the world-ending super computer system they produced, Skynet.

Workplace Infographic



    1. Like I said, my favorite part of the infographic was the bit about unpredictable androids under the cons for the Alien company. At least Bishop in Alien proved trustworthy. But he’s the exception.

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