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My Predictions for the 2017 Oscar Nominations (Major Categories Only)

The Oscar nominations will be announced tomorrow morning, and as per usual we pretty much already know what’s going to happen or at least we think we do. Thanks to the clusterfuck of awards season, […]

Hollywood Shuffle – News for August 30, 2016

In this Hollywood news round-up, there are updates on the Oscars and Birth of a Nation, China, Vault Comics, Batman, The Night Of, Pretty Little Liars, Grimm, GLOW, The Get Down and Stranger Things. Plus, […]

Money Wins Oscars, Duh – An Adam Ruins Everything Video

There’s a moment in this new Adam Ruins Everything Video where his co-host remarks, “Oh, [For Your Consideration] campaigns. I’ve heard of those, and you don’t have to explain them to me [Pauses to notice […]

Were the Oscars “Some Real Hollywood Bullsh-” This Year?

Oddly enough, my two biggest takeaways from this year’s Academy Awards ceremony were [1] Hollywood is awfully disappointed with itself over its lack of diversity and [2] Hollywood sure has a mighty high opinion about […]

The Obligatory Oscars Reaction Post – Spotlight Bookends a Crazy Show

Even Morgan Freeman sounded slightly surprised when he announced the name of this year’s Best Picture Winner: Spotlight. Spotlight, the movie that had been rejected by the Golden Globes, Directors Guild, Producers Guild and BAFTAs? […]

What Really Should Have Happened When Leonardo DiCaprio Won the Oscar Last Night

That noise you heard last night when Leonardo DiCaprio walked on stage to accept his Best Actor Oscar for The Revenant was the sound of thousands of internet memes dying. Well, not literally. Internet memes […]

Oscars: Who Will Win, Who Might Pull Off an Upset & Who Should Have Been Nominated

This is supposedly the most unpredictable year for the Academy Awards in recent memory, yet outside of Picture & Director there are heavy favorites in all of the major categories. The technical categories are, as […]

How to Throw the Perfect Oscar Party

This is really, really not a good year to joke around about what you’re going to do at your Oscar watch party. Creed director Ryan Coogler, Hannibal Buress, Ava DuVernay, Janelle Monae and Jesse Williams […]

Even the Academy Members Are Too Distracted by Netflix to See All of the Oscar Movies

In the wake of #OscarsSoWhite Round Two, there has been a cultural re-examination of all things Oscar. Wait. Scratch that. When I put it that way it sound like we’re second-guessing the true ingredients of […]

#OscarsSoWhite Round Two: The Academy’s Historic Changes Can Only Do So Much to Fix an Industry-Wide Problem

Often accused of being too big and slow to react to controversy, the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences just made sweeping changes with an almost alarming swiftness.  Its board of governors held a […]