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Superhero News: Arrow Actors Spill Secrets, Marvel’s Phase 3 Rumors

We’ve been away from the site for the past 48 hours.  Since that time, there’s been some movement on the superhero movie/TV show front.  In case you missed it, here’s the latest:


TVLines’s Matt Webb Mitovich recently visited the set of Arrow where he presented the cast (Stephen Amell, Colton Haynes, Caity Lotz, David Ramsey) and one producer (Marc Guggenheim) with questions culled from Twitter.  Some of the 15 questions are more of your standard trolling for spoilers variety (not that there’s anything wrong with that).  However, a couple actually managed to call the show out on some of its recent (perceived) inconsistencies.  Here are some of the highlights:

Why is Oliver hooking up with Sara when he told Felicity it’s better not to be with someone he could care about? -Lorraine

League of Assassins

The difference — which Stephen Amell explains in much greater depth in next week’s Q&A — is that in the midst of so much deadly mayhem, Oliver knows that if push comes to shove, Sara can fend for herself, whereas with Felicity, Oliver would need to always look over his shoulder. “Part of what Oliver said to Felicity in that episode is that he doesn’t know if he’s willing to open himself up to having feelings for her, if in fact he does, because the danger is so imminent when you’re in close proximity to him…. Him working with her and her working with him is one thing, but a relationship is another.”

Are we ever going to find out who was behind Fyers’ plan to bring down the Ferris airliner in Season 1? -Mike

“I hope so,” says Stephen Amell. “I hope so, because I’m curious too.”

Does Felicity keep training with Dig? -Charlotte

League of Assassins

“You will see more of Felicity training in general, yes, but you will see her training with Diggle as well,” David Ramsey promises. “Oliver has Roy to train, and I have Felicity to train. That’s pretty much where we’re going with this.”

Is Slade Wilson evolving into Arrow’s arch nemesis? Is he the kind of villain that will always be on the periphery? -Sam

Blind Spot

I don’t know about “always,” seeing as EP Marc Guggenheim said that Arrow is following “the Joss Whedon” model of one megavillain per season. “We knew that John Barrowman’s character [of Malcolm Merlyn] would be the Big Bad of Season 1. And we knew that if Manu [Bennett] worked out, in success he would be the Big Bad of Season 2,” Guggenheim shared. “So this was always the plan. And it’s exciting, because we are literally shooting stuff, and moments, that we talked about over a year ago.”

Will there be a backlash once Laurel realizes that Oliver and Sara have reconnected? -Jenny

Blast Radius

It certainly won’t help Laurel’s currently fragile state, susceptible as she has been to booze and pills. Sara’s resurrection “comes at a sensitive point” in Laurel’s life, Caity Lotz notes. “It’s not like Laurel’s on a strong foundation as this is coming in. But Laurel’s got a cool journey ahead, for sure.”

How can you describe Felicity’s reaction to learning that Oliver and Sara are “dating”? -BD


Caity Lotz said that while some viewers are expecting a “jealous girlfriend kind of thing,” the romantic (or at least sexual) nature of Oliver’s connection with Sara is not what gets picked up on. “It’s about their closeness, how when there’s someone else in your life, you kind of have to share them,” Lotz explains. “Felicity just wants to make sure that she still has her place in Oliver’s life.”

To see further answers to questions related to Moira’s reaction to Felicity, what’s in store for Roy and Thea, and some scoop on what to expect from upcoming “Birds of Prey” and “Suicide Squad” episodes head over to TVLine. 


After Iron Man 3 and Thor: The Dark World opened in 2013, we are now in our second year of Marvel’s Phase 2 of film development.  Beginning with the first Iron Man, Phase 1 was all about building up to The Avengers whereas Phase 2 is focused on re-visiting the established characters (Iron Man 3, Thor: Dark World, Captain America: Winter Soldier) while expanding the cinematic horizon to explore more galactic happenings (Guardians of the Galaxy).  It will all culminate with Avengers: Age of Ultron next year.  So, what happens after that?

According to “insider info” from Schmoes Know (via, there are only five films currently guaranteed for Phase 3:

“The movies that will be part of Phase III for absolute certain are: ‘Ant-Man’, ‘Captain America 3’, ‘Thor 3’, ‘The Avengers 3’, and ‘Dr. Strange.’ […] There has been talk about ‘Black Panther’ and lots of talk about ‘The Inhumans’, they’re in the pipeline but are pretty much in the same boat that ‘Dr. Strange’ and ‘Ant-Man’ were in two years ago, where they want them to happen, and they will most likely both happen, but it’s just a question of how soon. However, those five films (Ant-Man, Cap 3, Thor 3, Dr. Strange & Avengers 3) are sure things and I can guarantee you they will all be announced at Comic Con if not sooner.”

So, there you go, their source makes no mention of any kind of forthcoming Hulk film nor did it confirm or deny those pesky competing rumors of Ms. Marvel and Black Widow films.  A lot can change between now and Comic-Con, though, considering the near decade Edgar Wright worked on developing Ant-Man before it was ever officially confirmed.

How much faith do you put in the Phase 3 rumors?  Just wonder why Marvel isn’t moving heaven and Earth to adapt Dr. Bong for the screen?  Let us know in the comments section.

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