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Watch Arrow’s Epic New 3-Minute Trailer with Footage from the Upcoming Suicide Squad and Birds of Prey Episodes

Well, I woke up to a nice surprise this morning.  The CW released an epic new 3 minute trailer for not just the next episode of Arrow but the next couple of episodes meaning we see the Suicide Squad in action as well as a fair bit of Huntress’ “Birds of Prey” return.  This trailer makes the immediate future of Arrow look amazing.  If you are not averse to spoilers watch the trailer below, and we can talk more after that:

To borrow a phrase from @Midnight host Chris Hardwick, when it comes comic book TV shows Arrow continues to “win the internet” by unleashing an amazing supply of spoilers and routinely releasing online exclusive extra-long trailers in which you see more footage and the producers and actors talk a bit about the episode being highlighted.  They’ve already been talking up the big Suicide Squad episode as well as Huntress’ return in an episode entitled “Birds of Prey.”  They’ve also released an official plot synopsis for “Suicide Squad” as well as episode photos.  Now, we get this new 3 minute video which reminds us that after a recent run of villains of the week Slade Wilson is still the true Big Bad to be dealt with this season.  Essentially, his plan is not dissimilar to Bane’s (although, really, Talia al Guhl’s) in The Dark Knight Rises: strip the hero of everything they hold dear to mentally and spiritually break them, at which point only then do they have your permission to die.

This actually serves to highlight why the writers this season have maybe rushed things a little bit to get Roy at Oliver’s side as the comic book sidekick we always knew he was as well as a proto-version of Black Canary alongside Oliver as his partner and lover.  They are trying to give Oliver that much more to lose, more targets on top of pre-existing targets like Thea, Diggle, and Felicity for a bad guy like Slade Wilson to tear down.  Based upon some of the dialogue (“Let him come.  I’m not that easy to kill.”) and imagery, of Oliver’s supporting cast Sara’s the one this trailer most indicates is at risk of not surviving beyond this season.  However, as gradeschool as it might sound Oliver’s biggest weakness may be his greatest strength as the trailer repeatedly indicates Oliver will seek to fight alone but be repeatedly reminded that teamwork is his best weapon against the likes of Slade Wilson.  Plus, with the return of Slade Wilson and Huntress into his life Oliver’s clearly going to be feeling some severe guilt about their respective dark turns.

The next new episode of Arrow, “The Promise,” airs tonight meaning we won’t have to wait too long to see how the show follows through on the promise this trailer just made to the fans.  After that, the next scheduled episodes are “Suicide Squad” (3/19), “Birds of Prey” (3/26), and “Deathstroke” (4/2).

What did you think of the trailer?  Excited?  Think the whole thing is nonsense since they botched Deathstroke’s motivation for his villainy in the first place?  Just wondered why there wasn’t more Felicity?  Let us know in the comments section.

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