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Geek News Alerts: Arrow’s New Reptilian Villain, Constantine Minus Cigarettes, Another Comic Book-Related Supreme Court Case

This is me waving the white flag, acknowledging that as one person running his own website I simply can’t cover everything, at least not in depth.  So, culled from the pop culture websites I personally read here’s the latest in geek-tastic film/TV news and awesome essays:

Hell’s Kitchen: A Weird Setting For Netflix’s DAREDEVIL (BadAssDigest)

Hell’s Kitchen is a cesspool of humanity and crime in desperate need of a vigilante hero, or at least it was back when Daredevil was created in the comics and turned into Hell’s Kitchen’s great defender.  With the forthcoming Netflix Daredevil show sticking with that origin and shooting on location in New York, it’s a good time to point out that modern day Hell’s Kitchen is full of upscale restaraunts, hoity toity bars, happening clubs, Starbucks locations and expensive brownstones.  Does setting Daredevil in Hell’s Kitchen make sense any more?


Electra, Echo, Night Nurse, or Misty Knight?

Elden Henson Joins Marvel’s Daredevil for Netflix (
The former Mighty Ducks star (he was the one with the wicked sweet slap-shot) will play Foggy Nelson, aka, that guy Jon Favreau played in the Ben Affleck Daredevil.

Satirical Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 8 Twitter Gets Official Book (EscapistMagazine)

Score one for satirical Twitter accounts.  Since October 2011, Mike McMahan has been tweeting TV Guide-style plot descriptions for a hypothetical eight season with Picard and the crew, using the Twitter handle @TNG_S8.  For example, “A Ferengi attracts the Borg towards a colony he wants to loot. Riker’s replicator catchphrase, ‘Steak, for mouth, hot,’ needs work.”  That landed him a book deal.  Filled with the Twitter recaps and new illustrations, trivia, set photos, and behind-the-scenes looks at the never-aired satirical eighth season, Star Trek: The Next Generation – Warped, An Engaging Guide to the Never-Aired 8th Season is due out in paperback and ebook on March 3, 2015.


Star Wars Episode 7

Disney Will Release EPISODE VII In 2015 Or Kill Harrison Ford Trying (BadAssDigest)

Old man Harrison Ford, who’s constantly grumpy demeanor mimics the temperament of a man warning the local neighborhood kids to stay off his lawn, broke his leg on the set of Star Wars: Episode VII, putting him on the sidelines for as long as 6 months.  The rumor is JJ Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy now want to push the film back 6 months (from its Dec. 2015 release to summer 2016) while Disney’s CEO Bob Iger insists that they not budge. This might simply be a case of a movie which is too large to delay mostly due to toy sales contracts:

Star Wars merch remains the holiest of grails in retail-land, and Disney was able to leverage lots of other licensing agreements using their Star Wars IP. That means they were able to secure prime shelf space in Target or Wal-Mart for every shitty Planes spin-off toy for the next few years by promising lots of good Star Wars stuff. And that good Star Wars stuff has to be on the shelves for Christmas of 2015.



Is Jack Kirby’s Family Greedy? Who Cares!?  (EscapistMagazine)

As I previously discussed on the site, the estate of Fantastic Four/X-Men/Hulk/Thor/Iron Man/Captain America co-creator Jack Kirby is trying to get to the Supreme Court as part of its ongoing efforts to legally win back some stake in the copyright to Kriby’s creations.  However, because Kirby has been dead since 1994, and this is a legal fight which only began in earnest after Disney ponied up billions to buy Marvel there are those who have been in open disdain of the Kirby’s, e.g., “What right do they have to ask for money for something they had nothing to do with?”  Escapist takes those type of people to task with a very thorough explanation of the legalities of the case, making it clear that regardless of what you feel about Kirby’s heirs looking to cash in they might have an actual legit legal claim here.

Shuster Estate Asks Supreme Court to Take Up Supreme Case (ComicBookResources)

Why should the Kirby’s be the only ones to go the Supreme Court?  The estate of Superman co-creator Joe Shuster recently got its legal ass handed back to it when the Night Circuit ruled that a contract signed in 1992 forfeit any claims to Superman copyright.  The estate thinks the Night Circuit was wrong, and wants the Supreme Court to overturn their ruling.



It’s Official: John Constantine Won’t Smoke in New NBC Series (screenrant)

NBC is the network which will allow a character to quite literally eat his own face on Hannibal, but won’t allow John Constantine to do what he loves best in this world: smoke a cigarette.  Not even one of those fancy, new electric cigarettes!  Taking away Constantine’s smoking “is almost akin to taking away Batman’s orphan origin or Superman’s status as the last son of Krypton. It’s an integral part of who he is, one made obvious by the fact that almost any picture of the character includes a lit cigarette dangling from his lips.”



James Gunn Talks GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, the Marketing, 3D, Making Movies That Are Like Nirvana Songs, and More at the Saturn Awards (Collider)

Main takeaways: the movie must be finished by July 7th, Gunn has been offered multiple big projects ever since the first trailer last February but has been too busy editing to really listen, and the staggering time commitment required of him for this project has cost him two girlfriends over the past two years but it was totally worth it.  Take that, James Gunn’s ex-girlfriends.



Some Interesting Details About The ‘Arrow’ Season Three Villain Revealed (sciencefiction)
Earlier this summer, TVLine broke some casting news about the upcoming season of Arrow, revealing one character who’ll most likely be Ted “Blue Beetle” Kord and serve as a love interest for Felicity, two characters (a man and woman) who will be isolated to the no-longer-stranded-on-the-island flashbacks, and a villain named “Seth” (likely not his real character name).  The casting call for “Seth” has now been updated, and because it now includes the phrase “reptilian eyes” everyone’s combing through DC’s list of snake/reptile-themed villains to guess who this might be.  Early candidates include Kobra, Copperhead, and King Snake.
Flash CW logo
Gotham and The Flash to Premiere at Comic-Con (screenrant)
Warner Bros. will premiere the pilots for both shows as well as footage from Arrow and Constantine at Comic-Con on Saturday, July 26th.  If you recall, Marvel aired Agents of SHIELD’s full pilot at least year’s Comic-Con.


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