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Check it out! Everyone’s Favorite Astral Projection Movie has Gotten a Sequel!

I seriously doubt anyone expected the 2011 horror film, Insidious, to become the most profitable film of 2011 (comparing budget with actual gross), but it ended up becoming the little horror film that could, grossing nearly 100 million dollars on a 1.5 million dollar budget. Critically, it did pretty well too, garnering a 66% critical approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. I know that doesn’t sound like a particularly high percentage, but this a horror film. You have to think of critic approval ratings like dog years. One favorable horror film review counts for seven when compared to other movies.

I like Insidious. It has a first half that’s far stronger than its second half, but it was a refreshing horror film that had nothing to do with the nihilistic torture porn genre that sometimes serves as the only horror offering at a local multiplex. Considering it was directed by Saw director, James Wan, that was quite the surprise.

"Oh, I didn't need to torture and kill people in this film? My mistake."
“Oh, I didn’t need to torture and kill people in this film? My mistake.”

It was sharp and creepy, making a child dancing to a record seem absolutely terrifying for the first time I can recall.

On the other hand, they look pretty happy, so maybe I'm just a wimp.
On the other hand, they look pretty happy, so maybe I’m just a wimp.

A sequel had been promised, but then I never heard anything else about it until yesterday. Now, Insidious: Chapter 2 has a trailer and a release date (Sept. 13, 2013 or, as the sequel loves to point out, FRIDAY THE 13TH!!!!).

Check ou the trailer below:

I have to admit, the trailer looks pretty good, except for one thing: Is it me or has Insidious: Chapter 2 forgotten the ending to Insidious? If it wants to, I’m kinda okay with that, because the film’s ending didn’t totally work for me. However, the last film ended with (SPOILER HERE) Josh Lambert (Patrick Wilson) going to rescue his son from astral projection land (aka the place we didn’t get to see in Poltergeist), but being left behind after an evil crone jumps into his body and pretends to be him.

"Ready for bed, kids?"
“Ready for bed, kids?”

Now, the movie didn’t flat-out state that’s what happened, but come on! That’s totally what happened. This film seems to think Patrick Wilson’s totally okay, except something may have just hitched a ride back to the real world with him. If they wanna go that route, that’s fine, but the movie’s treating this idea like it’s a revelation. How did the rest of the family not already know that? Maybe they explain this inconsistency during the film, but Patrick Wilson (while possessed by an old woman) killed the psychic (Lyn Shaye) that was helping his family out at the movie’s end, and his wife found her body along with a photograph that proved Josh wasn’t Josh anymore (END SPOILER). Are they just forgetting that?! How was Patrick Wilson possibly supposed to explain that away? After effects of travelling to another dimension? He was just really hates having his picture taken? How was this wiped away and replaced with the assumption that everything’s fine now?

"Shhh. We'd really like it if you just forget what you saw in the first film."
“Shhh. We’d really like it if you just forget what you saw in the first film.”

Either way (I’m putting that complaint aside for the moment, ’cause if I spend anymore time pondering it, my mind may explode in frustration and it would forget the fact that the sequel does look pretty creepy/ crazy), the trailer basically seems to resolve around more paranormal entities haunting the characters from the first film. They think everything’s fine until toys begin to move by themselves and people facing away from our  main characters begin to appear without warning.

You know, it's rude to turn your back in company. Since your outfit looks like its from the 19th Century, I'd have thought you knew that.
You know, it’s rude to turn your back on company. Since your outfit looks like its from the 19th Century, I’d have thought you knew that.

Ghosts are yelling on baby monitors, popping up in bedrooms, moving blocks during seances, and– Holy shit– Patrick Wilson just pulled out his own molar. Looks like he’s going to have to head back to the astral plane to… get rid of the spirit still with him or stop the other spirits who seem to still be coming for them or… maybe he’s just heading to the dentist for a check-up. I don’t know. The trailer doesn’t really make it clear, but that’s okay.

The trailer does, however, give us this, which is pretty freakin' creepy.
The trailer does, however, give us this, which is pretty freakin’ creepy.

The film appears to have some creepy imagery (see directly above) –rocking horses moving by themselves, evil governesses, a creepy old man ghost blocking Patrick Wilson’s path, uttering a very unsettling bit of dialogue in a very unsettling way, massively loud, string-filled music cues that tell you something scary is happening, and did I mention someone pulled out their own tooth– cause that’s sticking with  me. The first one thrived on that. After all, it’s called Insidious, not Subtle or Quiet Moments of Eeriness. It was brash and fun, like a roller coaster ride, only with demons and parallel worlds. I had a blast with it, even it’s not striving for the sophisticated horror of a film like Rosemary’s Baby. I’m good with them repeating an already-tested scare formula. This film may be more of the same, but I don’t mind. I liked the first one, and I’ll be seeing this one opening night, just so I have a horror movie ticket stub dated Friday the 13th.

So, what do you think, guys? Are you excited by the thought if an Insidious sequel? Would you prefer filmmakers just leave well enough alone? Let us know in the comments!

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